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September 12, 2008

What WAS I Thinking?!

Oh yeah, I remember. I was thinking I wanted 10 minutes of peace. 10 minutes to do the dishes and whip up a batch of icing for the cupcakes and brownies we had made (together, least you think I am a 'bad' mother for ignoring my children!) earlier today, 10 minutes where I didn't have to listen to my darling oldest childern SCREAM (at the TOP of thier lungs) "ALL DONE MOMMY, NO NAP! ALL DONE!!" AND "BE QUIET SISTER!!! BE QUIET. IT IS NAPTIME SO BE QUIET!!!"

SO what did I do??? I sent them outside into the backyard (by themselves), made sure the gate latched behind them so I didn't have any little escapees on my hands, and told them that they were to "Play NICELY with eachother and Mommy will be out soon."

Well......soon (read 15 minutes) came and went and I didn't really hear much of anything from the backyard, just enough sound that I knew they hadn't climbed the fence (or attacked eachother)or anything crazy like that, so I continued to tidy up the kitchen, lay Owen down for a nap and tint the icing a nice shade of blue. And that's when I heard it (about 15 /20 minutes later).....

shrill giggles and screams and belly laughs.

What the heck is going on out there????!!!! SO I go to my bedroom window to see what EXACTLY my children were doing and what do I see?

this is what mischief personified had been doing for the past 40 mintues while Mommy was busy inside....... (but it was SO worth it and they were SO happy and I SO didn't even care!) And yes, they were DRENCHED (and they then proceeded to play in that puddle of water er, sand!)


Lindsay said...

I don't know what you were thinking... but I've been there myself... and well, at least they had FUN!! :)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

LOVE LOVE this post! :) *laughing*
Oh how I love those moments of peace and quiet and happy kids...no matter what they get into. Oh how worth it! :)