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September 09, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Anthony!!

Anthony James
On September 10, 2004, I became a Mommy for the first time. I got to hold my little 'ball' of boy (he was born with baby fat, some nice chunky legs and cheeks so he really was a ball!), and cuddle him and kiss him and rock him to sleep, all for the very first time.
I am so blessed to be able to call this little (er, big as he would remind me)boy son. Where have the years gone? It truly seems like only yesterday that we were driving back to Atikokan to take you home and introduce you to Tigger (our cat). Anthony, you have grown by leaps and bounds. Your sense of wonder is incredible and you never cease to amaze us with the questions you ask and the knowledge and understanding you have of the world around you.
Although you LOVE to test limits and try patience you are also more than willing to give cuddles and kisses. Your smile and laugh freely and never hesitate to create adventures in our days.

Anthony, you love your sister and brother so very much and are already protective of them. It makes my heart sing that you take such good care of them. God has given you a kind heart my oldest son and I am forever grateful for that. As you grow, it is our prayer that you will continue to show compassion to others, that your inquisitivness and strong will will be used for His glory. Anthony, I love your imagination, you are a knight or a ninja or a kitty or a cowboy depending on the day (or hour).
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!
This picture was taken last summer, my how he has grown!!

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Lindsay said...

GREAT post about Anthony! :)

I hope he had a wonderful day celebrating the day he made life a better place!

Blessings -