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August 31, 2013

Life as it Happens

With just days left to the start of school, we are FINALLY experiencing  beautiful summer weather. OK, if I am being real honest it is TOO hot for this momma, I was more than happy with the 15 to 19C temperatures we were having in July!!

August 29, 2013

Camping in July

The kids and I love to camp. we spent 5 days camping on the shore of Lake Superior in the fog and damp. The sun came out at the end of our stay and made for a wonderful evening where we could stay up late and suck all the goodness out of life.

There is just less than a week left of summer vacation here and I am looking forward to the kids returning to school.We have had fun and made memories and possibly driven each other batty I have refereed more fights then I care to count!

This Sept, it is not just the kids going back to school, Troy will be too! We are entering a new chapter in our lives. It's different, but it is good and right.  

So here's to looking forward to the next adventure as we enjoy the last little bits of joy that summer has to offer.