"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas here. Some of the decorations are up and we have been listening to Christmas music for 2 days now.

I am excited to start a family devotional today for over the advent season. One thing we are not very good at as a family is making the time to worship God on a daily basis. I am hoping that this will help, and that once we are in the habit of it, that it will be something that can (and will) continue into the new year.

I am using the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional from the blog A Holy Experience. Click HERE to find out what it is about.

November 23, 2010

In the World, Not of it

As I sit here and type this, Owen is on my knee, trying to drive his Lego airplane-car across the keyboard. It's Tuesday so my littlest one is attached to my hip, lost and looking for a playmate!

I've been thinking lots lately about how, as a Christian, I am called to live in the world but not to be part of the world. Maybe it is because Christmas is drawing near so everywhere you look one is surround and assaulted by ads that tell you to buy more, that you NEED this or that to be happy. That this new cell phone will help you spend more time with your family (still trying to wrap my head around THAT marketing tool!).

But is it the *stuff* that really makes us happy? That fills that deep need to be content?
Isn't it the *stuff* that drives us to a life of discontent?
Of always wanting more,
believing that we somehow deserve more?
And if we can't have it than we are not meant to be happy?
Of chasing after dust in the wind?

I don't want to raise my kids with that perspective. I want them to grow up being glad to give away, to be content with what they have without always seeking for the newest, biggest, best thing that is out there.

For those treasures will surly decay, leaving them with nothing but sorrow for their striving.

I find myself aching for Truth to be heard, to drown out the lies that more and me are what this life is about. In a society that is very self-focused, I am called to lay down my life and serve those around. To pour out my life as an offering to God, to those around me, to give of what I have so that God, and God alone, will be glorified.

To often I try to make it about me, about wanting that recognition for the ordinary, everyday things I do. But I need to take the time to stop and examine my heart. Am I doing it for the praise and applause of others or am I doing it because it is what I am called by God to do, regardless of who notices?

Because God will always see. 

It's not easy. To surrender that need for acknowledgement, for recognition. It is hard at the end of the day for me to lay it before God, that selfish desire to have the fact that I cleaned the kitchen floor noticed, for a thanks for doing that load of laundry.

Because ultimately it boils down to the fact of WHO I am living this life for. Of WHO I want the glory to go to.

I want to live my life in a way that will shine His glory right back to Him. So that those who are searching, aching to find contentment in a world that offers chaos, will see His light and life and rest easy in Him, knowing that He is the only *stuff* we will ever need to find true joy in life.

November 20, 2010


Today my kids have been crazy.

And that is the polite way of saying it!

They are hyped up on something and I'm not really sure what.

Thankful for a friend who came over with her little girl this afternoon (bringing pizza, pop, chips, swedish berries and a couple movies). It meant that when my kids started running around with most of their stuffed toys shoved down their pants, that I was able to laugh at it. Because given the way the day HAD been going, I think I might just have lost it on them!

But it really was funny!

And now there is pizza in the oven, the kids are getting ready to watch Backyardigans or Veggie Tales and enjoy the dinner.

On a hunting note, Troy shot at a deer this morning. Grazed it, it wandered into the far reaches of the forest never to be seen again...... Here's hoping he has a bit better luck tonight! Although, this is the first time in 4 weeks (or has it been 6 by now?!) that there has been a deer to shoot at (that wasn't being chased by a dog!)

November 19, 2010

Perspective and Prayer

Sometimes, all I need is a little perspective. And a whole lot of prayer from friends who don't need to know the details before praying!

Tonight was really good. Yes the movie was enjoyable, but I was grateful for the time out of the house, for not having to put kids to bed (or feed them dinner for that matter!) and to just sit and wait in a theatre, by myself and with my thoughts.

So good. And I love how God just continues to provide me with the things I need, sometimes even before I realize it is something I need!

Give Thanks.

Thankful this morning for a world clothed in white under a blanket of snow.
For a free movie pass sent in the mail from a very good friend (so I can see Harry Potter tonight)
For friends who go out of their way to pull you out of the box you like to hide in.
For weeks that cause you to lean on God with everything you have, and remind you that it really isn't about you to being with.
Thankful for the way  God provides for every need, in every moment. And the ability to see that.

November 15, 2010

Moments in my days where I yearn for signs of spring in a world on the cusp of winter.
Is there light enough in the days to sustain?
To give life?
To lay hope deep within one's soul?

There are days when I feel anything but in control, where the world seems to spin on an irregular axis and I am left wondering where I fit, if I fit and how to function in a life that seems to be spinning out of control. 

But God.

The days when I struggle to find the light, to see the joy, to feel the hope.
Those are the days when the truth of God's perfect, holy sovereignty is working its way into every fiber of my being.

Will I trust Him?

Do I trust Him?

Or do I say I trust Him for fear of looking deeper, of what I might find in the shadows of my soul, in the darkest corners of my heart?

Childish laughter over snow and the begging to be allowed to go and play, in the dark, in the magic of a moment.

Created by a Creator longing to fill us with joy.

There are tears that fall, sometimes unexpected, sometimes - not so much.

Tears that trickle in a stream on a Sunday morning, in a service where God is preached, where God still meets those who sit in pews, looking for Him, aching to enjoy Him, and sitting silent,

waiting to hear His voice -

In the stillness, in the morning, in the hymns, in the arms of friends encircling.

Oh the grace that flows from tears. The breaking of a heart, the crumbling of walls, the pushing away of boundaries and barriers as He works and moves and speaks to hearts who wait on Him.

Days that start of good, turn to quickly to days where words of grace are not the words that tumble from frustrated, tired lips.

Hugs of forgiveness and love.

The reminder that it is not just the littlest in the house who stumble, who fall, who react in a moment to the action of another.

His forgiveness covers as we huddle, heads bowed in prayer, begging for a change, a chance to try - yet again - to shine the Light that He died for us to live.

Oh for grace and joy to abound in the house.

To cling to a God who knows where we are at.

Who meets us there in the stillness or in the wild, crazy, loudness of the overwhelming.

And will I have courage to pray for the changing of heart, to pray for the dreams that start to form in the quiet corners of a heart, to hold on tight to Him in a moment, day, lifetime where He is {always} everything.

Where no matter where you, or I, are at this week, He is enough for every moment, in every day.

November 14, 2010

Of (snow) Men and Forts

 Morning comes early in our house when there is a fresh dusting of snow!
Mr. Snowman there was built before 8 this morning.
And he would have been built before 7am if I had let them out of the house that early!
I needed to be fully awake (because it is still mostly dark out at 7am) AND, more importantly, I needed to make sure that the neighbours were at least stirring in their houses, before I let my kids lose on the streets!
Our one neighbour was already out shovelling by the time I got the kids dressed and out the door, and he is always more than willing to interact with the kids.
This morning, it was a snowball fight with Anthony. I would have to say that Mr. Neighbour won. He had a shovel and Anthony ended up buried in the snow pile!! So much fun to watch!
Said snowman was built mostly by Alexandra and Owen while Anthony was in the midst of the snowball fight!

 Anthony and I went out during nap time this afternoon (in hopes to wear off some of that extra energy my sweet 6 year old seems to be carrying around lately!) and started to build the snow fort. Anthony truly did most of the work. I just lifted the balls up and made sure they were on there and packed tight!
Unfortunately there isn't a picture of Anthony and the fort because he had been sent inside by the time I got the camera out for not listening (AGAIN!) All in all though, it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

November 13, 2010

Snow falls soft tonight. Tendrils of peaceful quiet falling from heaven, covering the world in a blanket of white.

Grass fights the sudden onset of winter and stands strong, like sentries, poking the last bit of green through the layering softness.

There is something peaceful about a world covered in a soft, shimmering blanket of snow. The large flakes floating lightly, reflected in the glow of the street lamps.

Glimmering stars falling to earth, drawing me closer to Him who made each one different, unique.

November 09, 2010

We picked up her flower girl dress

We drove to the boarder today to pick up her flower girl dress for my brother's wedding in March. She LOVES it (and wanted to wear it all day today!)
 Yes, my sweet girl is home *sick* today (can't you tell how sick she looks in the pictures?) She felt and looked really crummy this morning so because I was going to be gone half the day, I didn't want to send her to school.....I should have. As now she is causing trouble with her brother! Ah well.
They were both SUPER on the car ride, so I can't really complain now! I even got to listen to a CD of my own because I set up the DVD player for the kids.

November 03, 2010

The opening lines to a song (whose name I cannot recall) go something like:

"There's a peace I've come to know. Though heart and flesh may fail, there's and anchor for my soul.....(something something something) It is well."

And that peace fills me.

Strengthens me.

Allows me to rest in Him when the world is screaming at me to run.

God's peace truly is a peace that passes all understanding.

In the midst of where we are walking right now, there is no earthly reason for the peace that covers like a blanket. Yet it's there. Settled deep within my soul and when I let it, it colours my perspective with Him.

God's working and moving and teaching and providing and doing all sorts of things (exceedingly, abundantly, far beyond all I can think or imagine) and I am waiting with anticipation to see what HE is going to bring about.

For it's not my own strength that I am leaning on, and it is not my ability that provides me with rest.

This place, of peace and rest and inklings of joy, are gifts from my Heavenly Father and I am floored by His love and care for me and my family.
("Who am I and what is my family that you have brought us this far?" David speaking to God somewhere in the Old Testament.....like my "ability" to memorize scripture *cough*?)