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November 14, 2010

Of (snow) Men and Forts

 Morning comes early in our house when there is a fresh dusting of snow!
Mr. Snowman there was built before 8 this morning.
And he would have been built before 7am if I had let them out of the house that early!
I needed to be fully awake (because it is still mostly dark out at 7am) AND, more importantly, I needed to make sure that the neighbours were at least stirring in their houses, before I let my kids lose on the streets!
Our one neighbour was already out shovelling by the time I got the kids dressed and out the door, and he is always more than willing to interact with the kids.
This morning, it was a snowball fight with Anthony. I would have to say that Mr. Neighbour won. He had a shovel and Anthony ended up buried in the snow pile!! So much fun to watch!
Said snowman was built mostly by Alexandra and Owen while Anthony was in the midst of the snowball fight!

 Anthony and I went out during nap time this afternoon (in hopes to wear off some of that extra energy my sweet 6 year old seems to be carrying around lately!) and started to build the snow fort. Anthony truly did most of the work. I just lifted the balls up and made sure they were on there and packed tight!
Unfortunately there isn't a picture of Anthony and the fort because he had been sent inside by the time I got the camera out for not listening (AGAIN!) All in all though, it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

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AK said...

They keep calling for snow here, but only a few times yet, nothing that major, just a dusting. We got rain on Sunday. The kids were SUPER disappointed. I'm not. :)