"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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July 27, 2008

Strawberry Fields (Forever!)

Today has been a good day, I admit, I woke up this morning dreading it, not wanting to have to do everything that *had* to get done today and worrying about how I was going to manage it all with the 3 kids underfoot as Troy had to work. Well, my sister-in-law decided that she had got enough stuff finished for their camping trip so she was going to take Anthony and Alexandra to the park! SO THANKFUL to her. She kept them for close to 2 hours and I now have two sparkling bathrooms, one shiny kitchen floor, a backyard that is no longer a jungle (well....except for the places that need the weeder to get) AND most of the stuff that needed to be packed, is packed. God is gracious this fine day my friends. I hope that you are finding evidences of His glory in your lives today. As I tell my kids, God made the sunshine and flowers for us to enjoy, to make us smile and draw us to Him.

The kids (yes, all 3) and I went strawberry picking the beginning of last week, they had SO much fun. Anthony would find a red one, pick it, come running over to me and ask "Can I eat THIS one Mommy?" "Yes Anthony". He would ask this EVERY time he picked one. I am SURE the two kids ate as many as I brought home with me! (But hey, they charge $13.50 for 4L, I figured they could eat some in the fields!)

Owen's first time 'picking' berries!

July 26, 2008

This is what Alexandra was doing while Anthony was flying his kite :)

July 23, 2008


These pictures were taken the same day that Alexandra called 911....do they look like they are in distress and need an emergency vehicle?? Yeah, I didn't think so :)
I had been promising Anthony since sometime in March (when there were still piles of snow on the ground) that we could plant tomatoes, so we went and bought some plants, dirt and a bucket (I don't 'do' the whole garden thing....too much effort, in fact when we moved into the house we're in now, I dug UP the flower garden and put down grass seed....don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers, just not a big fan of the weeds and seriously, like I have time to weed! I'll take my flowers in a vase thanks.)
The kids had a blast, they loved the fact that I was actually willing to let them use Daddy's tools :) It was pretty safe given that Owen was sleeping!

God has been gracious today. I took the kids to get professional pictures done. It took an hour and the older two (who have very strong personalities) were SUPER good. They listened and co-operated (so how come they can't do that at home *grin*) and Owen wasn't crusty at all (which was amazing given the day we had yesterday. So we actually managed to get WONDERFUL pictures of all three kids together. I was super happy (that is why I pay someone else to take pictures of my 4, 2, and 2month old!!!!!) So we stopped for chocolate Timbits on the way home (their choice of treat at the moment!) So on this wonderful, sunny day I am praising God for His goodness and mercy.

July 17, 2008

What a wonderful, lazy summer day today has been. I am enjoying the slightly cooler summer weather this year, as I am not a fan of super hot! Anthony and I went on a 'date this afternoon in our backyard. We swung on swings (while I pushed him until he reached the moon and a rocket had to come and rescue him and bring him back home to me!), played in the sand and I swung him around and dropped him in the pool a bunch of times (I ended up in it as well, but it was SO much fun!) I am super thankful that I got that time to spend just with him. He is my little boy who is growing up way to fast and I cherish the little moments I can find in the day to have fun with him. For he craves it. I am learning that it is o.k if the grass isn't mowed or there are dishes in the sink and the floor is right filthy. It's the time that I spend with my kids that is really going to matter in the long run, it's how their memories are made.
Disaster strikes....Anthony just locked his sister out of his room so I must go and referee :P

July 14, 2008

As Promised

I promised at the end of my last post a story about Anthony (this one isn't as funny as Alexandra's however!)
We were driving around the other day and listening to Toby Mac's "Phenomenon" and (as Anthony calls it) 'The Brand New Man' songs. He asked a question about one of the lines in one of the songs (don't remember which right now as we listened to only those two songs the entire time we were in the car!...'play it again mommmy, and THEN the Brand New Man please!........thankfully they are one right after the other on the CD) sorry, rabbit trail. :)ANYWAY, he asked about a line and I was trying to explain how it meant that even once we die, we get to live forever with Jesus in Heaven if we trust Him and tell Him we are sorry for doing things wrong.
Anthony's response: "I don't want to go to heaven mommy (sniff sniff...he was getting really upset, to the point of tears) I'll have to leave behind my white blankie (not really a blankie anymore, will post a pic of it one day) and I LOVE my white blankie."
I tried to explain that Jesus is even BETTER than his white blankie but ended up just telling him that if God thought he needed his blankie when he got to heaven it would probably be there.
How do you convince a 4 year old that Jesus is SO SO SO much better than a blnakie?
It made me stop and think about what, in my life, I am clinging to like Anthony is his white blankie, and that there are times that I need someone ot remind ME that Jesus is better than__________ (whatever it happens to be at the particular point in time!)
So that's my Anthony story.

Troy got the stuff we need to finish fencing and gating in our yard today and HOPEFULLY he will get around to putting it up tomorrow or Wed. He is a little hesitant about doing it cuz he's never done anything like it before but I know he will do a good job once he starts. SO by the end of the week we should have a fenced in backyard!!!!! I am VERY excited about it.

July 12, 2008

The Terrible Two's Arrival Time...Early

As you might have guessed by the post title, Alexandra is most definately giving us a run for our money. Today, she unrolled a roll of toilet paper, decided to open the cloth diaper pail (the wet one) AND, call 911! Yes my darling little angel called 911! I had left the phone in the backyard so I could go and get the soil (for planting Tiny Tim Tomatoes) and I come back and she is talking into the phone. At that point I don't really think anythign of it cuz she ALWAYS talks into the phone, even when no one is there. But then I heard voices so I take the phone and start talking. The (nice) lady on the other end says:
Operator : "This is the city police"
Me: "I'm SO SORRY!!!"
Operator :"Did she get a new bike? I couldn't really understand what she was saying. I'm glad she stayed on the line though, it means I don't have to send a police cruiser."
Me: "She has a new brother, she's not two yet" (that was my feeble excuse for why she called)
Operator: "She speaks pretty well than. So no one's in distress? You don't need the ambulance or firetrucks?"
Me: "No, we're o.k. I'm really sorry"
Operator: "Thanks for staying on the line, hopefully she doesn't remember how to call"

NO KIDDING!!!!!!! I can only imagine if she had hung up and police crusiers showed up at my house!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I should go check on little children, they are being FAR to quiet. I do have an Anthony story to tell but it will have to wait until another day. :)

July 10, 2008

Blessings and Grace

Today was wonderful. Today was filled with His grace in so many ways, it was very much needed and greatly appreciated (especially after a tough start to the week).
Troy has been busy, which I don't begrudge him for (at least not most of the time but maybe a little when I feel like there is nothing left for me to give my kids). Today was good. I got to spend some 'just mommy' time with Anthony, who is craving it desperately (the stubborn/willfull disobedience gives it away!). I took him to his swimming lessons but I got to leave both other kids at home. I made sure I told Anthony that I was SUPER HAPPY it was just the two of us and that I hope we can do it more often. (His smile lit his face!) and when we got home from swimming (because Owen had been with Troy, he didn't sleep) Owen promptly fell asleep and I was able to actually PLAY playdough and colouring with Anthony and Alexandra.
I think that's what I miss most about adding the 3rd (whom I love dearly and cannot imagine life without), is feeling like I have the time to just sit and play with the older ones (so they feel special and loved and like they are each the most important person in Mommy's world).
The older kids decided not to nap today (which usually pushes me over the edge) which didn't bother me, I packed up Owen in the stroller and we all went for a walk (or bike ride/push car ride) up to the garden centre to buy Tiny Tim tomatoe plants, seeing as it IS July and I have been promising Anthony (since March) that we can plant them and he can eat the tomatoes right of the plants :)
The best thing about today, bedtime was easy and all 3 were asleep BEFORE 9pm (which is a HUGE Blessing as they have all been up late lately!) So mommy is doing good and praising Him for reminding her that His Grace is enough EVERY day.

July 04, 2008

Little Mommy

Alexandra has taken a great liking to her 'baby' as she calls her doll (although, there are some days when it's 'dolly') and takes VERY good care of her....This is what happens when I give Owen a bath and forget to empty out the water before I go and get him dried and dressed.

Alexandra is such a little 'mommy' and it makes me smile watching her. Her 'baby' was DRENCHED by the time she was done and she was seriously upset that I had to hang it on the clothesline to dry!