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July 23, 2008


These pictures were taken the same day that Alexandra called 911....do they look like they are in distress and need an emergency vehicle?? Yeah, I didn't think so :)
I had been promising Anthony since sometime in March (when there were still piles of snow on the ground) that we could plant tomatoes, so we went and bought some plants, dirt and a bucket (I don't 'do' the whole garden thing....too much effort, in fact when we moved into the house we're in now, I dug UP the flower garden and put down grass seed....don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers, just not a big fan of the weeds and seriously, like I have time to weed! I'll take my flowers in a vase thanks.)
The kids had a blast, they loved the fact that I was actually willing to let them use Daddy's tools :) It was pretty safe given that Owen was sleeping!

God has been gracious today. I took the kids to get professional pictures done. It took an hour and the older two (who have very strong personalities) were SUPER good. They listened and co-operated (so how come they can't do that at home *grin*) and Owen wasn't crusty at all (which was amazing given the day we had yesterday. So we actually managed to get WONDERFUL pictures of all three kids together. I was super happy (that is why I pay someone else to take pictures of my 4, 2, and 2month old!!!!!) So we stopped for chocolate Timbits on the way home (their choice of treat at the moment!) So on this wonderful, sunny day I am praising God for His goodness and mercy.

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Catherine said...

lol, Should I tell you what goes through our minds when we book an appointment for a 4, 2 and 2 month old? Just kidding. I'm glad the session went well, it is so hit or miss with kids. We are taking Declan in next week, should be fun!