"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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May 31, 2009

Not too Swift

Lately, like over the last 3 months, God has been working through a bunch of different stuff in my life. And it's been really really cool. Hard, trying, and draining but really really cool!
(When God works, and we let Him, how can it NOT be cool?)

I've noticed that I will *stumble* across a verse in my reading, or a song with a truth in it that I didn't notice before, or just something. And over the coruse of the week (or month) the same theme keeps appearing. The sermons preached at my church on the Sundays....

COMPLETELY related to the theme I'd been working through with God for that whole past week....it's a little creepy, but really really cool.

I'll give you an example from where I'm at right now:

This past week, I have been reading 1 John, 2 John and 3 John. Just *randomly* decided that 1 John was where I was going to start this week. The theme?? Love.

Today at church? Well, we have been going slowly through the book of Romans (sin)which is where I expected to be this morning. But yeah Kevin preached from.....

1 Timothy 1:5

Take a *wild* guess as to what that verse says........

Ready for it?

It's gonna be a shocker!

"But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith" 1 Timothy 1:5

Apparently I didn't just *stumble* upon 1 John and start reading it this week. Seems like this is where God is leading me now.
Maybe I need to be hit over the head with things for them to sink in! It also doesn't seem like sutble is in my vocabulary when it comes to change :)
I am LOVING how God is working. There is NO room for doubt in my mind that the topics that come up as *coinsidence* are most definately NOT.
It fills me with JOY to know that God cares enough about my struggles, my sin, to make His point PERFECTLY clear. To show me the areas that I need to work on, the areas that are surrounded in sin, the areas that aren't reflecting Christ like they should.
It's been a wild 3 months and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the next 3!

I need to leave the door closed...

...because he's my little monkey!
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May 27, 2009


"We don't want to mold children into people they aren't.
Our goal is to love them enough to see what is hidden in them and then work to help that blossom."
I love that quote. Found it on a blog I read, it comes from Compassion International and, in context, it refers to the kids they work with and support.
But it is so important to remember that about our own kids as well.
They each have their own personalities and strengths and weakness, God created them to be them and I know as I am parenting, that I need to be reminded of that, sometimes almost constantly.
Sometimes it is easy to let the little things get in the way of the whole.
I want to help my kids 'blossom' into the people that God has created them to be, not the people I think they should be.
* * * * * * * * *
This week hasn't been an easy one. I am beyond exhausted so every little thing is at least 10 times bigger of a deal than it should be.
My kids are pushing my buttons...whinning, yelling, fighting, peeing in closets (yes, it was intentional and NOT an accident), 6:15pm betimes, picking flowers simply to annoy the other.
Sigh...I've hit the point where I'm not sure I even care. Why not just let them run crazy?
I know why.... I'm just weary of the consistancy required, the battles and the apparent lack of change. . .(funny how it reflects my walk with God so well). I also know that we are called to NOT grow weary in doing good. So I continue or at least try to continue. Somedays not as successfully as others!

May 25, 2009

Soccer Star

Anthony had his first soccer game last Wednesday.

Anthony, William and their friend Zander are all on the same team.
So their sisters (who are born within 5 months of eachother) cheer them on.
What do you think...should we make them little green and white tutus and pompoms?

I love it when a picture comes out looking like it looked in my head.
(Troy says this should be a Tim Horton's commercial!)

Gammondale Farm

Last week, Anthony's class got to go to Gammondale farm as a way to end their study on lifecycles. There were pony rides, duck eggs, chicks and a hayloft with tire swing. So much fun was had by all. It was a wonderful morning.
The kids even got to see a Killdeer sitting on her nest in the pumpkin patch. She would just sit there and if they got too close, she would sort of lean to the side and chirp really loudly while fluttering one wing. It was neat to see her protection instincts, generally it's not possible to get close enough to an animals nest (at least safely) to see that sort of thing. The kids were really good about staying away from it though.
Please excuse the blurred out faces, I don't where parents stand with pictures on the net.
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May 22, 2009

On a Monday...

This Monday just past, was a holiday here. The weather was beautiful, the kids...well, they were a little hyped up on parties and excitment so there was no nappping from them! So, Troy and I decided that a trip out to Mission Island was in order.

This time we didn't stick to the wooden boardwalk, but explored some of the nature trails that have been worn down from the people who go out there bird watching.

It's also the perfect time of year to go and wander. There are no bugs and very little goose poop!

Fell off trying to sit down, for the 2nd time in a row, so I had to take a picture.

A beaver tree.
We saw tons that had been chewed, but this was by far the best!
And just what is SO interesting in the tree?
the whole nest was there. It was pretty cool to see.

Today has been incredible. The kids went outside about 9:45 this morning and by 4:30pm had only been inside for about 30 mins. I am beyond happy that the weather is changing and that we can be out playing.

Although, my little monkey boy, can climb the gate to open the latch. That's a new development! We had finally gotten around to putting wood between the slats so they couldn't reach inbetween them to open the gate. I had been inside for less than 10mins when the door opens, Anthony comes in and prodluy announces "We can get out of the gate still Mom"......I hadn't realized it was a challenge that needed to be conquered!! Silly Mommy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

God's been working lately. Teaching me that there are times when I need to be open, where being private isn't such a good thing. It's hard to take that step. Sometimes it's pride, sometimes it's a lack of trust, sometimes it's just me being stubborn and refusing to admit that I need the help, sometimes it's just not knowing how to say what needs to be said in a way that is honouring and repsectful, in a way that doesn't come across as mean and selfish (although sometimes those motives and feelings are there too and I need to be careful)

It's not always easy when we're asked to step outside out comfort zone, especially when it's God who is doing the asking. I can't ignore Him or tell Him no like I can to other people.

I've learned a long time ago that when God asks me to change, to follow Him, that I NEED to. That regardless of the reactions of those close to me, I need to listen to His voice and follow where He is leading me. I can't ignore Him.

I have been noticing lately, that my blog has been mainly pictures and little snips of writing here and there (with not much being said). It's been intentional. Writing has always been an easy way for me to process and communicate, but there are just somethings that don't belong out in 'blogland', but would end up out there is I took the time to write. So I haven't been writing.

Owen is awake, and maybe, if I stick a soother in his mouth, he'll go back to sleep for me!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend. To those of you whose long weekend is this one, enjoy it!

Fix it Friday -Week 14

I really wasn't planning on participating this week. BUT, seeing as it is a picture of my daughter (Alexandra) I thought I probably should!
Here is the original And here are my edits

May 20, 2009

I love it when God places unexpected blessings (literally!) in my path. I wasn't looking for them, I wasn't even *needing* them the other day. Things in my world were *right*.
Yet there they were.
Signs of spring and new life and growth and renewal.
Just waiting to be found, waiting to be enjoyed, waiting to sing praises to God.
And that's exactly what I did when I found them. Praised God for His wonderful creation, His faithfulness, His design of the changing seasons (in our lives as well as nature).

May 19, 2009

Celebrating Life Joyfully

This past weekend was full of this: There was much celebrating and rejoicing over the blessing of these kids lives this weekend. Friends (two of them actually)of ours have two sons (one 3 year old each) who were born 12 days apart. We spent Saturday morning celebrating with
and Asher

These boys are great friends and it was a joy to be able to praise God for their lives while celebrating with them in a way that they thought was GREAT.
What 3 year old doesn't like a Thomas birthday complete with party hats and candy necklaces??

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday was a day filled with ducky balloons and family. A day filled with excitment and very little sleep. A day set aside for celebrating Owen.

Auntie Michele

See that piece of red pepper?
He took one bite of the cake and then decided he liked the pepper better!
Uncle Mikey
Some of the many friends who helped us celebrate

The 'cake'

It was more fun to crumble apart than to eat!

I LOVE birthdays. I truly believe that they should be special and memorable. That doesn't mean filled with gifts or toys. It means making the person feel extra special, celebrating who God created them to be.

This weekend has been full.

Full of Joy






All the *important* things in life.

I am filled with happiness and praises tonight as I lift these 3 little birthday boys up in prayer. They are all wonderful little people and it is my prayer that God will take their lives and use them for His glory as they grow. That they will become 'men after His own heart'.