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May 06, 2009

Dirt Hills

First off (as a warning), I was a little shutter happy this afternoon. The weather was perfect, the kids were awesome and the setting? Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! (as always, click on the collages if you want to see them better)

There are more...many, many more! But I will spare you :)
And, of course, a bath was DEFINATELY in order when we got home. Alexandra was SO tired that she fell asleep sitting up against me as I was reading them stories this afternoon.
They had fun!


Lindsay said...

What a GREAT way to spend the day!

Love all the pictures ... and the SMILES!! :)

SKELLER said...

oh WOW! What an awesome location. The kids all look like they're having a blast! Your collages are wonderful :-)

Angela & Tom Newman said...

aWEsOOME!!! Where were you guys??!! What amazing geographical "stuff" to explore!! Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!