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May 19, 2009

Celebrating Life Joyfully

This past weekend was full of this: There was much celebrating and rejoicing over the blessing of these kids lives this weekend. Friends (two of them actually)of ours have two sons (one 3 year old each) who were born 12 days apart. We spent Saturday morning celebrating with
and Asher

These boys are great friends and it was a joy to be able to praise God for their lives while celebrating with them in a way that they thought was GREAT.
What 3 year old doesn't like a Thomas birthday complete with party hats and candy necklaces??

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday was a day filled with ducky balloons and family. A day filled with excitment and very little sleep. A day set aside for celebrating Owen.

Auntie Michele

See that piece of red pepper?
He took one bite of the cake and then decided he liked the pepper better!
Uncle Mikey
Some of the many friends who helped us celebrate

The 'cake'

It was more fun to crumble apart than to eat!

I LOVE birthdays. I truly believe that they should be special and memorable. That doesn't mean filled with gifts or toys. It means making the person feel extra special, celebrating who God created them to be.

This weekend has been full.

Full of Joy






All the *important* things in life.

I am filled with happiness and praises tonight as I lift these 3 little birthday boys up in prayer. They are all wonderful little people and it is my prayer that God will take their lives and use them for His glory as they grow. That they will become 'men after His own heart'.


Keri said...

Great collection of photos! The kids are all so darling and adorable!

Catherine said...

Has it really been a year?
His card and present are umm. yeah nowhere near ready :) I'll have them for when I see you though.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness .... what a fun, fun time!

I LOVE the cake & want to wish OWEN the Happiest of Birthdays!

May his next trip around the sun be bright and beautiful ... I love the year between 1 and 2 ... just love it!

Happy Wednesday friend!

Sally's World said...

perfect...love the cake too

happy birthday owen!