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May 25, 2012

Weekend of May 18th

Last weekend was our long weekend. It was busy. In a good, I am excited to see what summer is going to be like way.

Despite the long weekend, Anthony still had his karate lesson. He is enjoying it. This week is his last class and then he has a few weeks until golf starts.

 Saturday was also Owen's birthday. So before we went out in the morning (yard saleing and to karate to watch Anthony and then to McDonald's for lunch with friends) We let Owen open a present. He got to open the rest once we got back from McDonald's.

 After lunch we came home and had fun in the backyard! When it gets up to 30* in May it is time to pull out the sprinkler!!

I should mention that Saturday was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Sunday is P.O.U.R.E.D all day and Monday was nice.

 Chasing the kids with a nerf rocket thing.......

 Washing the mud off Owen and trying to get the other kids at the same time!
 Coming back for more!!
 Monday, I had two good friends who ran the Firefighter's 10 Mile Road Race. I am pretty proud of them (despite the fact that I call them crazy)....I don't think I could do it, but they both did an awesome job.

So one of them decided that we needed a victory bbq at her house. We got to tag along even though I didn't run;) Cuz my friends are good like that! There's a triathalon next summer that I am thinking to training for (because I triathalon is about the only way you are going to get me to run........) We shall see....

Our daughter's hanging out waiting for the food!

Anthony NOT wanting his picture taken....can you tell ;)

 Wait....which kid is this?!?!? Oh that's right, he's Owen....He is starting to look more and more like Anthony that there are times when I have to look at a picture I have taken twice to make sure I have the right kid :)

 Enjoying their dinner.

I have been painting the boys' room since February. It needed a whole lot of primer (b.r.i.g.h.t blue and neon orange........great colours, just not if you EVER plan on painting over them!) And I just haven't had the motivation to get it done.

I told Owen by his birthday. His birthday was a week ago (tomorrow) and well.....The ceiling, baseboards and trim have finally got one coat of white on it. Tomorrow my hope is to give the ceiling a second coat early morning then go get the green paint and get the first coat on the walls. That way I will feel like finishing it (maybe)

Right now that boys have their mattresses upstairs in the computer room, making it a bit tight for space, but I knew that if I put the beds back together I would feel even LESS like getting the painting done.

Overwhelmed lately with not a lot of desire to do a lot. I try, over the course of the day to do the things that are important, that matter, that can't be put off. My laundry pile is manageable. I gave in and used the dryer the other day because it has rained for almost a week straight and I really really wanted to keep that mountain at bay.

Thankful for:

sunshine and blue skies

warm wind

friends who feed us yummy pizza

kids who love to be outside

a photography business that is slowly growing (God is good)

planning of summer activities

the thought of camping

cats that like to curl up with me

kids that drive me crazy and make me laugh all at the same time

friends I can talk to honestly


green (very looooooong) grass covered with (even longer) dandelions

rain, rain and more rain.

cool temperatures

a drive to the border for prints and a little boy who talked the whole way.

joy among the sadness that just seems to plague lately

new leaves and the gentle green of the buds


May 17, 2012

Owen Bean

Waiting for his friends

May 13, 2012


Sometimes I feel like too much. But its not, just different and good. Always good. The photography business is starting to pick up and I praise God for that. For giving me the gift of being able to look through the lens of a camera and see life, see moments, see art.

Friday night I was given the opportunity to take pictures of a band for their album cover. It.Was.Fun! They are a great group of guys. They are putting out their first album in September(ish) and have been working to get everything done. 
Awhile back I got to take some pictures of them in studio recording. That too was fun. Very different from anything I have ever done, but at the same time, not so different. 

Here's a picture of the band 'Ziklag Offramp' you should check out their Facebook page.... ;) I have tons more to sort through, but as of now they are last on the editing list and I am thankful that they are not in a huge rush for them.

Today I spent the afternoon decorating a cake for Owen's birthday party tomorrow. Yup, my baby will be 4 on Saturday.  The road is made out of marshmallow fondant. It was my first attempt at fondant of any sort and I am amazed at how EASY this was, and it even tastes good too! Go Here for the recipe I used.

Last night Alexandra had her year end dance concert. She was great, they all were, and had so much fun. All she talks about is when can she dance more? When will she be able to dance more than twice on stage, or at least for longer! I help backstage and truly enjoy it.

Tomorrow morning Owen is off to pre-school and I am headed back home to get everything ready for his party. I think we are going to play pin the hat on the fireman and then I will just let them play...pull out all his various trucks and trains and whatnot seeing as that IS the theme of his party this year....as it was last year but it's what he loves so why not?

May 06, 2012

What She Loves


      You love to dance, you love being on the stage and preforming the dance that you have learned over the course of the year.
 You were so excited to be dancing at the Folklore Festival yesterday that even though you were exhausted and could barely keep your eyes open after lunch, you couldn't sleep.
 It was great to see you in the dressing room with all the big girls waiting to be called to go on stage.
 You are all smiles when you dance, or when you talk about dancing and I love that you love it so much. That it makes you happy.
 My sweet girl, you are good at what you do. You have no trouble remembering the steps to the dance and I could watch you dance all day.

I love you Alexandra.
When you dance, there is pure joy on your face and I pray that you will continue to enjoy this dancing, that this passion that you have, will continue through the years.
Right now you enjoy watching the big kids dance and continually ask when you will be able to do that. Soon enough it will come my love.
Cheering you on sweet girl of mine!