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May 06, 2012

What She Loves


      You love to dance, you love being on the stage and preforming the dance that you have learned over the course of the year.
 You were so excited to be dancing at the Folklore Festival yesterday that even though you were exhausted and could barely keep your eyes open after lunch, you couldn't sleep.
 It was great to see you in the dressing room with all the big girls waiting to be called to go on stage.
 You are all smiles when you dance, or when you talk about dancing and I love that you love it so much. That it makes you happy.
 My sweet girl, you are good at what you do. You have no trouble remembering the steps to the dance and I could watch you dance all day.

I love you Alexandra.
When you dance, there is pure joy on your face and I pray that you will continue to enjoy this dancing, that this passion that you have, will continue through the years.
Right now you enjoy watching the big kids dance and continually ask when you will be able to do that. Soon enough it will come my love.
Cheering you on sweet girl of mine!

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