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April 29, 2012

Just a bit of Life

Today was GREAT! The kids and I had a wonderful afternoon.

After their various activities in the morning (dance and karate) we got groceries, had lunch and then we went to the pool. They are little fish and it is getting easier and easier to take them on my own. Their confidence and skills just keep improving. Last week Owen went off the diving board for the first time. This week all 3 were diving off the edge in the deep end. Anthony and Alexandra were practicing and, of course, Owen needed to try too. It was really funny to watch him try with is water wings on. I love the fact that our pool offers a discounted family pass for the 10 weeks your kids are enrolled in swimming lessons. We decided to get it this time since we opted not to re-enroll Anthony in Swimmer 4....he needs to gain some endurance before he can complete some of the requirements and we didn't want him to get discouraged. Hence the karate lessons (which he is LOVING) and the golf lessons (which will start at the end of June)

Tomorrow the kids are I are off to a movie after church. We have two for one coupons from cereal boxes so figured we should use them up before they expire and there is finally an movie playing that all 3 will enjoy! So another busy day tomorrow!

Troy had applied to teach summer classes at the college and there is a 2 year contract for a math teacher starting in Sept at the college that he is also applying for. It would be wonderful if he could get that..to know what he is doing for 2 years...that would be incredible. Yet, I know that God has a plan and the growing and trust that has been happening with the wondering and waiting and the stretching has been good.

I'm not gonna lie, there has definately been stress and struggles and moments of why? But over all, I can see Gods hand leading, guiding, providing. And it has been so. so. good.

So I trust that He knows the perfect place for Troy to be. Both over this summer and coming up in September.

Alexandra is dancing at the Folklore Festival next weekend. She is really looking forward to it.I am hoping to get some pictures....I have a new camera that is just sitting in the limbo that is customs right now and I am really really really hoping to have it by Friday so I can try it out at the festival!!

Yes....I bought a new, well new to me, camera :) Thanks to the babysitting I have been doing I have been browsing Ebay and won an auction for a Nikon d700 (!) Yup!! I have wanted one for a year and just couldn't justify spending the money for a new one. Thankful for the opportunity that came for me to buy this one!

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