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April 09, 2012

I'm Back!

I've been neglecting the blog lately! Life has been happening and I find that it is the same thing day after day, which is fine by me, but it makes for some boring blog posts!

I got a wonderful surprise Friday via Facebook 

I felt pretty special and I may have cried a few happy tears over it. Sometimes it is really nice to read what others think of you and your work. I needed that encouragement last week and the timing f it was perfect.

We had a really good Easter weekend, after two family dinners though I am stuffed full of turkey and ham!  It has been great to be able to spend some extra time with the kids and not have to worry about the rush of school mornings. 

Anthony has learned how to tie his shoe laces and I am so very proud of him!

Spring is slowly coming. I have two photo sessions today. One is a family of 6 and the other is a maternity session. Looking forward to both of them!

I have spent the last little while working on my business website. I wasn't really happy with the layout of it so I took the time to play around with it and try to make it flow better!

Check out the new Moment in Time Photography site

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

GREAT pictures ... I love the perspective of each one! Glad you're back :) Sending you love today ... and cheering you and your photography on!!