"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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June 30, 2008

What WAS he thinking????????

Here's a story from today (after Troy had gone to work) so the rest of you can get an idea of what my day has been like (and maybe feel for me a little!)
Anthony had a little accident, which is fine, no big deal. He's little and is allowed. The problem came when he decided that he wanted to take off his pants and underwear and sit on the bathroom floor. That would have been alright, not a big mess, I bet you're thinking 'what's the big deal?" WELL, he proceeded to drag his bum ACROSS the bathroom floor, from the toilet to the door (kind of like dogs do sometimes). I was NOT impressed!!!!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING???? I will never ever know. It's funny now (4 hours later!), but it was SO not funny at the time. Things just sort of spiraled from there........
Here's to hoping tommorrow is a better day :)
Night all.

June 29, 2008


We are supposed to be at church as I type this, teaching the 4 to 10 year olds a lesson. We are not, we are at home after a 'fun' morning. We got into the car to go to church and got a few blocks when we couldn't accelerate and the steering died. Thankfully, Thunder Bay streets are pretty quiet at 9:35am on a Sunday morning and we were able to coast across a lane of traffic and into a parking lot (which THANKFULLY had a store open). That is where our car is sitting right now waiting for a tow truck. Cuz now it no longer starts....... what's with that???? Ah well, such is life in the wonderful land of Setala :)

We feel bad that no one at church knows why we didn't show up to teach, we called and left a message so hopefuuly someone found it (or there would be a bunch of kids running around the church basement (:!!! )

June 18, 2008


Yesterday, where to begin. Yesterday was rough. I was fresh out of patience and Troy took that day to get sick (so he slept on the couch all day......I was just a little bitter!) BUT after a lovely evening at Montana's with 'the girls' (THANKS GIRLS!) I felt SO much better and today I am actually able to function in the capacity of 'good mommy'! It's amazing what some time away from the house (without kids) will do for one's sanity. I also tend to forget (in the midst of the chaos and zero tolerance level) that His Grace is all I need to help me be the mommy I want to be to my kids.

Yesterday Anthony also went to the Eye Dr. for the first time. He was a little nervous and wanted me to do everything first (which was fine seeing as I had booked an appointment for me at the same time!) He did super well and thankfully does not need glasses, he has perfect vision right now. YAY! I really did not want to have to deal with the glasses thing this early on (although he will probably need them at some point, given that both Troy and I have been wearing them for a long while!)

Today we (the kids and I) take Owen to the midwife for his (gasp) 1 month appointment, so we will see just how big our little piggy has gotten, I'm guessing around 9lbs but we will know for sure in a couple of hours. I'm not sure where the last month has gone. In many ways I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital. The weeks have just disappeared and I've totally lost track. Owen smiled last week for the first time, at something Anthony was doing with him. Anthony was thrilled that his little brother smiled at him. I am SO incredbily thankful that all my kids get along really well (yes they have their little spats but what kids don't?) and they can play together without a lot of interference from me (at least most days).

Well, seeing as it is not supposed to rain today, I should go and hang some clothes on the line so that they have a hope of drying before naptime (Alexandra's blankie is in that load!)

June 16, 2008


Alright, I realize I live in Northern Ontario but still..... It is the middle of June and The kids and I are bundled up for winter! I was outside today putting clothes on the clothesline and I was wearing my heavy fleece jacket and was still chilly. On a side note, the rain held off until I could bring the clothes in AND, I did get an almost two hour nap today!

There are pictures to post of my mom's visit, we went to Benny Birtches Birthday Party at Chippewa Park (because Old Fort Wiliam was closed due to flooding which is where we were originally headed) but they will come when I have a chance to get them onto the computer. Owen is a little cranky after the other two go to bed so life is a little crazy then and while, I nap when they do!

Hopefully the rain and cold weather disappear soon and it will start to feel like summer out!

June 05, 2008

First Dentist Visit

Anthony had his first dentist appointment today, he did SO well. He was a little nervous going in, clinging to my leg and hiding, but once he got in the chair and it started to move up and down, he was hooked! He laid SO still and kept his mouth open the whole time, it was great!!! The dentist counted his teeth and checked the spacing and all that. No actual cleaning this time, they don't want to tramatize them on the first visit!! He was so good that he got to choose TWO toys from the treasure chest (two parachute alien guys!) and he got a sticker AND a tattoo. He was SUPER excited, I think that was the best part of the visit for him lol!

June 02, 2008

What a Week

This past week has been good. We are slowly starting to get into a routine and Anthony and Alexandra are still managing to get some mom time as Owen is good at sleeping (even when the noise level reaches that of a jet engine!). I am feeling human again, thankfully. Largely in part to the sleepign habits of little boys and also because my face has been showing HUGE signs of improvement. It is far from perfect but I no longer feel like things aren't right (which makes me much less aware of it) and my eye is no lonrger 'bugging' which means that I don't feel tired all the time. I am so thankful that the Bell's Palsy is healing faster than I thought possible, and even if , for some reason, it doesn't get any better than this, I would be o.k with that.

This past week we have had wonderful families/ladies from our church stopping by with dinner for us every night. We have been SO incredibly spoiled. All the meals have been delicious and my kids have even eaten bits and pieces of them all (which is a HUGE accomplishment in a of itself! Anthony exclaimed that the homemade pizza we had Friday night was "THE BEST EVER!") Having the meals has beena huge relief as it means that after trying to corral three kids all day I don't have to think about what to cook for dinner when I am tired and exhausted and about ready to lose it! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has provided us with food over the last little while. It means a lot to us.

My mom comes in tomorrow night and is staying for a week. I am SO very excited to see her. The kids are looking forward to it as well. Anthony is hoping that Grandma will take him swimming and push him on the swing.
It was so cute this morning, I had the phone in the backyard and Alexandra kept coming over to it, picking it up to talk and saying "hi granma" so we called my mom so the kids could talk!!

Troy's mom is leaving for Scottland on Wednesday for 3 months. She is going to visit her daughter and her family who live over there. It will be her first time on a plane! She is looking forward to going. It will definately be different for our kids to not have her around, they have seen a lot of her lately, and they have enjoyed it. We are all hoping tha tshe has a great time (and that the plane ride from Thunder Bay to Toronto goes well so she will actually get on the plane from Toronto to Scottland......she's just a little clausterphobic!)

I will have some more pictures to post soon! Owen is growing like a weed, he was 7lbs 15oz on Thursday (he gained 10oz in 5 days!). Tomorrow is our next midwife appointment so we will see how big he has gotten since Thursday!