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June 16, 2008


Alright, I realize I live in Northern Ontario but still..... It is the middle of June and The kids and I are bundled up for winter! I was outside today putting clothes on the clothesline and I was wearing my heavy fleece jacket and was still chilly. On a side note, the rain held off until I could bring the clothes in AND, I did get an almost two hour nap today!

There are pictures to post of my mom's visit, we went to Benny Birtches Birthday Party at Chippewa Park (because Old Fort Wiliam was closed due to flooding which is where we were originally headed) but they will come when I have a chance to get them onto the computer. Owen is a little cranky after the other two go to bed so life is a little crazy then and while, I nap when they do!

Hopefully the rain and cold weather disappear soon and it will start to feel like summer out!

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Catherine said...

So I shouldn't mention how nice and warm it is down here? (lol)