"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

A New Year's Post (just a litle early)

This holiday has been fantastic. I am relaxed and content and filled with joy. I have been given breaks by Troy and I am feeling refreashed and ready for the start of routine next week. I have hung out with my best friend and I am so grateful for that. We live too far away from eachother but even still, she holds a special place in my heart (oh the things we have been through together) and I treasure the chances I do get to see her and her family. The two of us even got out today to see a movie (just US!!!) It was great.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and as 2008 draws to an end I find that I am feeling reflective. . .

There are a lot of memories from this past year, so many are good and filled with laughter and smiles, there are others too, that aren't so good, or easy to remember but it truly wouldn't be life if it was filled with only laughter and joy and all the good times. For I find that I learn much MORE in the hard times then I ever would of if life had been sunshine and roses *all* the time. There are things I pray will change over the next year, things about me that I long to lay at the foot of the cross. Character traits that I want to improve upon, lessons I long to teach my kids, but through my actions -- not my words.

I long for this coming year to be filled with prayer and trust in the One who has given me these blessings in my life. I long to look to God ALL the time, not just when things are hard, but constantly so that I may leave that Faith as a legacy to my kids. More than anything, I desire to put God first and foremost in my life in the coming year, that everything I say and do and think will be held captive to God, I long for my life to be filled with *joy* in the Lord because I desire for my kids to see that and live that in their own lives.

Thankful too for the Forgivness that covers the year(s) and the mistakes that have been made.

As you spend New Year's with friends or family, may you remember the things that are important -- most of which aren't really things at all.

May His peace and love and joy and grace and blessings be upon you my friends as you enter into a new year -- filled with all the hope and expectations that a new season in life, not yet marred by choices made, can bring.

Happy New Year Friends!

A Boxing Day Tradition

Family, Food and Fun
On Dec. 26th, Troy's family gets together to celebrate and hang out and have fun. It's so great to watch my kids with their (much) older cousins. Anthony is just thrilled that there are bigger *boys* to play with and rough-house with. Good times are had by all and I love that it leaves Christmas day for our immediate little family of 5.

December 28, 2008

Oh the Stories I Could Tell....

Troy's mom

Troy's dad
What better way to spend a Christmas afternoon?

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am SO thankful that Anthony is better (and the rest of us have not yet *caught* whatever it was that he had two days ago), and has been better for close to two days. Whatever it was that was making him sick is no longer and I am thankful.

The only word I can possibly think to describe how our day was is Joy-filled. It truly was. The love and warmth and happiness and thankfulness that has filled our house since (early) this morning is lingering on well into the evening and I am overjoyed by that.

Some snapshots of our day:

Anthony (at 6:08am) "It's morning.....YIPPEE!!!!!!!" he then proceeded to come bounding up the stairs and flying into bed with Troy, Owen and I.

Snuggling with my boys while we let Alexandra sleep for 20 more mintues.

Sharing the Christmas story and talking to God.

Loud shouts of "WOW!!! HOW DID THEY KNOW?!?!? THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED" (even when it was something that wasn't expected/asked for) EVERYTHING received such a thankful shout.

Pausing to play with toys

Visiting with grandparents and sharing a leisurly breafast.

Sledding and pizza for dinner with wonderful friends, completed with Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas and popcorn and cookies.

Today has been full... full of so much and I am full again too.

December 23, 2008

And it begins....

So today, I am spending the day holding a bucket. . . .and not becuase I am planning on mopping the floors, although I am sure they need it. Anthony is sick and I am so sad for the little guy. Being sick is NO FUN, and especially not this close to Christmas. I am praying that he is the ONLY one who gets it though and that I will be spared the delightfulness of 7 month old puke :) Cuz seriously, gross..... :)

Today it is snowing and we can not even be out to enjoy it :( But I am thankful that today, it is just one that is sick (and that I am healthy to be able to help him and comfort him).

And just because he is too cute for words :)

Oh, did I mention he can crawl???? Watch out Christmas Tree!

ps. can you tell I can't decide what I want my blog to look like??

December 22, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This...Moment

This week, this blog is doing a special "You're Gonna Miss This..." for Christmas. And I have decided to play along.
There are a lot of things that I am going to miss about the Christmas season as my kids get older and eventually move out and have kids of their own. Here are just a few:
* I'm gonna miss them fighting over who gets to put the first ornament on our advent tree. They don't yet realize that the person that puts it on first doesn't get to put on the one for the day before Christmas.
* I'm gonna miss the look of sheer delight on their faces when I tell them they are allowed to eat ALL of the gingerbread house at one time.
*I'm gonna miss the snuggles as they climb into bed with my husband and I on Christmas morning, accompanied by squeals of delight as they look through their stockings.
*I'm gonna miss the tangible excitement that fills our house at least a week before Christmas (and the consistanly asking if it's time for Christmas yet)
*I'm gonna miss the wonder in their eyes as they watch the church light up with candles on Christmas eve, and the questions they have as the Christmas story is read.
Merry Christmas my blogging friends!

December 21, 2008

Yummy Yummy!

What is better than making the gingerbread house??
Why eating it of course!
Can't you just see the excitment in their eyes?? (or maybe that's the sugar...)

We decorate our house well before December because I like to let me kids eat it the day we decorate our Christmas tree. They love it and I let them eat as much or as little as they want and then what ever is left is for mommy and daddy, but it disappears once they day is done.
Life has been happening and we are enjoying the winter weather and the family time that coems from everyone being off for the holidays.

December 20, 2008

Decorating the tree

May you Christmas be filled with Joy and Light and Hope and Love
as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour!

December 19, 2008


Today we braved the cold and went outside to slide down the piles of snow created by shovelling the driveway. We had SO much fun. It is the first time this year we have been out and Alexandra does not remember it from last year. Her giggles were infectious. Anthony made 'reindeer food' (oats and green and red sprinkles...cuz apparently reindeer like that!) yesterday at his school party so we decided we should feed them by emptying the contents of the bag on the lawn (better than on my living room floor which was where he first attempted to dump it!)
After exhausting ourselves outside it was time for some hot choclolate (with marshmellows...or maybe it marshmellows with some hot chocolate would be a better description) and gingerbread cookies.
Noticing (after my kids consumed large amounts of gingerbread) that there were only 6 left, we proceeded to make the dough for some more (our fourth batch in less than a month). Now, they are making some sort of 'chemical' out of the flour, spice and assorted *stuff* that is left behind on the table.

Last night, our nephew Mitch took everyone in the family out for dinner. It's what he does as a Christmas present to us all and it was a wonderful evening filled with family, laughter and good food I did not have to cook. Anthony was the only kid we brought and he was an amazingly well behaved little boy. It was nice to see his personality shine through when he isn't being egged on by his sister. I opted to leave the littler ones with a friend because I knew that I would enjoy the evening more and it was late by the time we left the resturant, WAY past bedtimes! It was a good decision and because I did not have to referee Alexandra last night I find tha I have MUCH more patience with her this morning.

Troy has his last day of teaching today for two weeks and I am excited. Happy that we will get some good family time over the holidays and thankful that his job allows him that.

GACK...must go, the darlings have managed to get into my food colouring and are running around the house carrying the containers......sigh.....still content though :)

December 17, 2008

A post for Sophie

Alexandra's friend Sophie turned 2 on Dec 6th. Here are the pictures from her party. The kids had a blast and really enjoyed playing with their friends.

We are so very thankful that God choose Bill and Linda as Sophie's parents because it means that we have gotten a chance to get to know her.

Happy Birthday sweet Sophie!!!

December 16, 2008


How do you fix what's not working when you're not even sure what *it* is that isn't working?

I am thankful today. Thankful that Anthony is at school, that our house is warm (despite the -38 that it is outside), that my kids slept in for a little tiny bit, that I could have a cup of coffee uninturrupted, that there is only 4 days until a dear friend comes (and stays till Jan!!!). I am thankful for a lot of things, I just need to stop every once and a while and remember that I AM in fact thankful, and that there is much in my life TO be thankful for.

December 15, 2008

Cookies Cookies Everywhere

Mikayla making a mess :) It's too loud!!
Silly Boys!
Alexandra carefully icing a tree

When t.v is more interesting than cookies....
The girls enjoying the cookies