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December 19, 2008


Today we braved the cold and went outside to slide down the piles of snow created by shovelling the driveway. We had SO much fun. It is the first time this year we have been out and Alexandra does not remember it from last year. Her giggles were infectious. Anthony made 'reindeer food' (oats and green and red sprinkles...cuz apparently reindeer like that!) yesterday at his school party so we decided we should feed them by emptying the contents of the bag on the lawn (better than on my living room floor which was where he first attempted to dump it!)
After exhausting ourselves outside it was time for some hot choclolate (with marshmellows...or maybe it marshmellows with some hot chocolate would be a better description) and gingerbread cookies.
Noticing (after my kids consumed large amounts of gingerbread) that there were only 6 left, we proceeded to make the dough for some more (our fourth batch in less than a month). Now, they are making some sort of 'chemical' out of the flour, spice and assorted *stuff* that is left behind on the table.

Last night, our nephew Mitch took everyone in the family out for dinner. It's what he does as a Christmas present to us all and it was a wonderful evening filled with family, laughter and good food I did not have to cook. Anthony was the only kid we brought and he was an amazingly well behaved little boy. It was nice to see his personality shine through when he isn't being egged on by his sister. I opted to leave the littler ones with a friend because I knew that I would enjoy the evening more and it was late by the time we left the resturant, WAY past bedtimes! It was a good decision and because I did not have to referee Alexandra last night I find tha I have MUCH more patience with her this morning.

Troy has his last day of teaching today for two weeks and I am excited. Happy that we will get some good family time over the holidays and thankful that his job allows him that.

GACK...must go, the darlings have managed to get into my food colouring and are running around the house carrying the containers......sigh.....still content though :)

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like a GREAT day ... and very content! :)

Blessings as you continue celebrating this joyous season!!