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December 13, 2008

Parade of Lights

Waiting for the Parade of Lights to start last weekend. It was COLD and the wind that came flying down the street made it even colder. We took shelter behind a pole but even then the kids froze so..... We spent sometime snacking and warming up in the van until we could see the lights on the trucks, then we got out and enjoyed the parade.

This picture was really for Anthony, he insisted I take it, so I did!

I've been busy procrastionating this week and haven't yet put together the words that I want to share on Monday. I have to find time to do it this weekend because I am so NOT a spur of the moment speaker.....I would get about 2 words out if I don't have anything written down! I need every single word on paper or it doesn't get said!

Last night was a friend's 30th *surprise* birthday party and it was good just to hang out with people and eat some good food. It was a late night but well worth it! Today Alexandra (and by default, Anthony and Owen) have a birthday party to go to this afternoon for Sophie and tomorrow the kids are singing at church and then Anthony has a birthday party for one of the little girls in his class. We are BUSY! But it's nice.

Yesterday the kids and I decorated paper bags to fill with gingerbread cookies as gifts to teachers and bus drivers. And today we are going to take some cookies to the neighbours.
Breakfast is calling and the kids are getting restless so it is time to start the day! And maybe. just maybe, in the midst of the chaos we will get out to play in some of the fresh fallen snow. Hope that your weekends are filled with Joy and Blessings.

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Lindsay said...

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!! :)