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December 04, 2008

Don't read if you're looking for a *cheery sunshiney post*

So exhausted, so tired, so very worn out.... Owen is awake (again) and crying and fussing and right now he's laying on the floor in the living room cuz I just can't. I don't know what he wants and I hate that. I want to make him happy and help him go back to sleep but I'm not even sure that he's sleepy anymore. Or maybe he's over tired....
I love my kids and I love the life I have, but somedays....man, somedays there's just *nothing* left to give, nothing. at. all. and I am so there right now.
That being said, we had a blast building the gingerbread house the other day, it was Alexandra's first time and she watched everything Anthony did and tried to do it just like her big brother. And our MOPS Moms Christmas Party is tomorrow, looking forward to the night out with just me and friends. Still wishing we had more snow, but I know it will come in time. Hopefully sooner though and I can get the kids out sledding as Anthony has already been asking if there's enough to go, nope....
Well, as much as I am trying to ignore those cries from my youngest, I should go and attempt to make him happy before he wakes up the rest of the house and I have to deal with 3 cranky, tired children. (That and maybe be a good mom and cuddle him and comfort him like I'm supposed to cuz that's what moms do)

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Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

You know I totally get this Katarina! I think a whole lot of moms would say "yep, that explains my life!" :) We get SO stretched, so tired, so challenged, and yet God gives us the strength and encouragement when we need it. I read the next post about how your hubby encouraged you. :) Caring husbands are just the very best! :) You are blessed.

You are a wonderful mom! Even through your exhaustion I caught the love you have in being a mommy. :)