"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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December 30, 2008

A New Year's Post (just a litle early)

This holiday has been fantastic. I am relaxed and content and filled with joy. I have been given breaks by Troy and I am feeling refreashed and ready for the start of routine next week. I have hung out with my best friend and I am so grateful for that. We live too far away from eachother but even still, she holds a special place in my heart (oh the things we have been through together) and I treasure the chances I do get to see her and her family. The two of us even got out today to see a movie (just US!!!) It was great.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and as 2008 draws to an end I find that I am feeling reflective. . .

There are a lot of memories from this past year, so many are good and filled with laughter and smiles, there are others too, that aren't so good, or easy to remember but it truly wouldn't be life if it was filled with only laughter and joy and all the good times. For I find that I learn much MORE in the hard times then I ever would of if life had been sunshine and roses *all* the time. There are things I pray will change over the next year, things about me that I long to lay at the foot of the cross. Character traits that I want to improve upon, lessons I long to teach my kids, but through my actions -- not my words.

I long for this coming year to be filled with prayer and trust in the One who has given me these blessings in my life. I long to look to God ALL the time, not just when things are hard, but constantly so that I may leave that Faith as a legacy to my kids. More than anything, I desire to put God first and foremost in my life in the coming year, that everything I say and do and think will be held captive to God, I long for my life to be filled with *joy* in the Lord because I desire for my kids to see that and live that in their own lives.

Thankful too for the Forgivness that covers the year(s) and the mistakes that have been made.

As you spend New Year's with friends or family, may you remember the things that are important -- most of which aren't really things at all.

May His peace and love and joy and grace and blessings be upon you my friends as you enter into a new year -- filled with all the hope and expectations that a new season in life, not yet marred by choices made, can bring.

Happy New Year Friends!

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Lindsay said...

LOVE this:
"I long for my life to be filled with *joy* in the Lord because I desire for my kids to see that and live that in their own lives."

Happy New Year Bloggy Friend!!