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December 08, 2008


I woke up this morning and it looked like someone had shaken a snowglobe. The flakes falling from the pre-dawn sky were large, fluffy and floating, ever so lightly, down from the sky. It was snowing my favourite type of snow this morning and it put me in a wonderful mood.

The ground is now covered with a clean, fluffy, white blanket, covering all that is left of the fall and welcoming the season of Christmas time. I am filled with joy this morning over the fun my kiddies and I had shovelling the driveway, swinging on swings I had neglected to take down as of yet (and then having to remove boots so Alexandra (or "Zanj" as Anthony likes to call her) could get out of the toddler swing (they are most definately NOT snowsuit/winter boot friendly), making snow angels and then coming inside to make gingerbread dough and yummy unbaked chocolate roll (memories from childhood come floding back).

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, and my house feels like Christmas. I am happy and content and the kids are playing with a Dora puzzle (or napping) and it is a wonderful, blessing filled day.

Off to enjoy my kiddies and the snow some more.

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