"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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June 28, 2010

SK Graduation

It's offical, Anthony'll be starting grade 1 in the fall!
 His class had a little graduation ceremony last Wednesday, it was relaly cute. They sang 3 songs and each kid got a *diploma* and a bag with a lollipop, a book that was at their reading level, and a grow a spiderman (or something girly for the girls!)
 His class
                                                            Anthony and Mrs. Phillips

We're SO proud of him!!!

June 01, 2010

I was up before the birds this morning, and as exhausted as I am right now, it was a treat to be able to sit by the open window and listen to the birds start their morning songs. To a background chorus of the spring peepers in the marsh.

To hear the distinct sound of each individual bird, instead of just the *noise* of them through out the day, when their calls blend with everything else.

It's an overcast day today, the clouds holding the rain, waiting for it's time to fall. The breeze blowing through the open window is cool and brings the smell of crabapple blooms, and I find that I am reminding myself that this is a day to rejoice in.

To give thanks for.

To intentionally look for the blessings in.

Anthony and Alexandra are actually playing together..and dare I say it...nicely. We have been so busy being out of the house (because it's easier that way), that they have lost the ability to just *play*. So this week I am being fairly intentional about being around home, of letting them just play and be and grow, as only kids can when they are given the chance to play.

Lately I am being reminded of what it means to lean on God completely. To let Him lead you through the days, to get your strength from Him and to rest in Him.

Not a place I thought I'd be right now, not a place I really want to be, but am thankful for it.

For the oppourtunity it presents to give God the glory.

For the way that His character shines through.

Summer is almost here. Anthony has two PD days in June (2...seriously??) . He also has a number of *fun* days, there is a familiy picnic planned, S.K graduation, a trip out to Chippewa (basically a park with a *zoo*...if you can call it that, and some amusement park type rides...again, I use that term loosely).

With all the extra activities coming to a close, I find myself looking forward to the start of summer, to the trip to Toronto in July, to celebrating 7 (yup 7, where has that time gone?) years of marriage, to hopefully making it out to Quetico Provicial Park for a week (or so) of tenting.

I love summer, I love that Troy is home, that it is a break from routine (although routine has not been a strong point in my life recently), that we are a family and that there is time to just *be* that family. Love it!

Wow, the randomness in this post is surprising so I think it is time to end it!