"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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April 28, 2010

Even the Rocks Will Cry Out

"The earth is the Lord's, and all it contains,
The world and those who dwell in it.
For he has founded it upon seas
And established it upon the rivers.

Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord?
And who may stand in His holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood
And has not sworn deceitfully.
He shall receive a blessing from the Lord
And righteousness from the God of his salvation.
This is the generation of those who seek Him,
Who seek Your face - even Jacob.

Lift up your heads, O gates,
And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
Who is this King of glory?
The LORD strong and mighty,
The LORD mighty in battle.
Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
Who is the King of glory?
The LORD of hosts,
He is the King of glory.
   Psalm 24                                

* * * * * *
 "He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen."
Deuteronomy 10:21

* * * * * *

April 27, 2010

Sunny days in Spring

Isn't life grand?

because we sure think so!!

April 26, 2010

Alexandra...er *Sarah*

So, for the past almost two weeks, Alexandra has no longer been Alexandra. She INSISTS that I refer to her as Sarah. And apparently, I'm not her mom. She's just visiting us during the day (so what, she sneaks out to her *real* house every night?!), and she has this whole storyline of who her brother is, where she lives, what she's allowed to do with her mom (like eat french fries for breakfast and swim in the still mostly frozen river at bath time).

Yes it's cute, but there are days when it gets a little old. . .like after I hear, "but you're not really my mom, my mom's.........(driving trucks or working at the pop store)" for the 25th time that day!!

She has a VERY active imagination and I love that. I also have no idea where this make-believe has come from. Oh to get inside her head!

April 21, 2010


The Sunday before Troy had to go out of town, I got to spend an hour at the conservatory taking pictures and just playing around with my camera. It was wonderful.

There seasonal display room was still set up with Easter Lillies and I l.o.v.e the smell of lillies. I just sat on the floor and inhaled for a good 10 minutes!!

It is funny how smells, at least for me, can change my attitude. It's hard to explain, but certain smells (lillies, baking bread, rain, campfire smoke, fall) just fill me.

That's how it was with the lillies at the conservatory. God's whisper in the midst of chaos to stop and by thankful for all He has blessed me with.

* * * * * *

Troy is home now, got back late last night, and I am so happy to have him home. It was a long 8 days for us. The kids and I had fun, lots of adventures and lots of meltdowns and tantrums, but overall it was good.

A few friends pitched in to help, I even got out of putting the kids to bed Monday night because a friend took pity on me and told me she was coming over so I could get out for a bit. I was so incredibly thankful for that!

Back into *real* routine now and that's not a bad thing!

April 17, 2010


single parenting

had the flu


trying not to lose my mind or break down in tears

thankful for the flower pictures i got to take last sunday (and have sent out to print really big for the freshly painted living room wall, so so excited about it!!!!!!!)...will post them soon, you know when owen stops sleeping in the computer room for naps and bed and i can actually get on the computer without little ones clambering all over me.


3.5 days, only 3.5 days!

thankful for 2 friends who have each taken time this week to give me a bit of a break!

April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was filled with everything it is supposed to be filled with, friends, family, days filled with sunshine and blessings. We were busy and productive and had a wonderful time just hanging out together, enjoying the hope and joy we have because of His Son.

Hoping your Easter and the coming week is, and was, filled with much of the same!!!