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April 26, 2010

Alexandra...er *Sarah*

So, for the past almost two weeks, Alexandra has no longer been Alexandra. She INSISTS that I refer to her as Sarah. And apparently, I'm not her mom. She's just visiting us during the day (so what, she sneaks out to her *real* house every night?!), and she has this whole storyline of who her brother is, where she lives, what she's allowed to do with her mom (like eat french fries for breakfast and swim in the still mostly frozen river at bath time).

Yes it's cute, but there are days when it gets a little old. . .like after I hear, "but you're not really my mom, my mom's.........(driving trucks or working at the pop store)" for the 25th time that day!!

She has a VERY active imagination and I love that. I also have no idea where this make-believe has come from. Oh to get inside her head!


Catherine said...

Smart girl. How cool would it be to have a mom who works at a pop store! lol.

Dorothy said...

Oh, that's wonderful! I mean, I see how it could get tiring for you, but she's invented a whole new world for herself! What fun for her!