"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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September 30, 2009


These, came 7 weeks ago. And this, came today!!
After pulling a wagon and taking 4 kids for a walk to the post office, we made it home with this and I am EXCITED!!!

Anyone want to go for a really loooooooong walk??

September 28, 2009

i heart faces: Blue

The theme this week is Blue. . . as in the colour, not the feeling.

So here is a picture of my son, with his big blue eyes, my only blue eyed baby!

Head on over to i heart faces to join in the fun or to see some stunning enteries into their contest this week.

His Strength is Perfect

Surviving on His strength this morning. Been fighting a nasty cold all weekend (super thankful to a husband who let me sleep almost all day Sunday!). Have a little boy who refuses to sleep at night. I think we got maybe, MAYBE 3 hours??? But I'ma little sleep deprived and the number could be off!!

I am LOVING the weather right now though. The clouds and the WIND and the little drops of rain slamming into the windows. It is BEAUTIFUL outside. If I had a stroller, I would take Alexandra and C out to splash in puddles and make mud pies. Unfortunately, Owen and L are not at that stage yet and they might not appreciate sitting in the wagon gettign soaked while their sisters have fun! Ah well, soon enough :)

Enjoying the quiet at this moment and praising God for strength and rest in the midst of a sleepless night.

Hoping to get some pictures today, maybe take the big girls out while the babies sleep this wonderful morning.

"Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest"
(what a promise!)

September 27, 2009

16.5 Months

When did he grow up?? Owen, your obession with books is adorable.
You would be content to sit and let someone read them to you all day long.
So much like your big brother in that sense. . .
Yet, you are still very much your own person!
I love you, and am sad to see the baby leaving but excited to see what the months ahead hold as you transition to big boy.
You have gone from being content to swinging lazily in a swing, to needing to do exactly what Anthony and Alexandra are doing.
You succeeded in getting to the third rung and were disappointed when I wouldn't let you climb higher.

September 24, 2009


It's taken me a little while to settle into this routine, the days are full and busy. The camera is sitting, gathering dust. But the kids are happy and the walls are filled with laughter.
The times where I do get to *stop*, I find I want to rest in His Word.
God is working and changing and ripping out walls around my heart.
The priorities that once, seemed so important, no longer hold my interest like they did.
I want more,
More of Him,
More of His Word,
More of His Spirit in my life.
I LONG for it and ache for it and nothing else matters as much.
The things God is doing, WOW!
I was reading my journal a few days ago, just looking back over the last 8 months. Looking at where I've come from, the place He reached down and pulled me out of. Being reminded of His fiathfulness and mercy and grace. Reminded of the power He has over His creation, over my life and heart.
Did you know that there was 400 years of silence (spoken word) from God between the last word from a prophet and the coming of Christ?
400 years! I can't imagine 4 months, let alone 4 years, but 400???
Started Jesus the One and Only on Tuesday. It's gonna be good, I can already feel God working and shifiting and refining. I love how the author can find, what to me, seems like obscure passages of scripture and apply them to life, showing me how they 'fit' into God's salvation plan.
If you are struggling today, know this, He is faithful and righteous and Holy. He will often times allow us to go a path that bends away from Him but Jeremiah (somewhere in there) says "If you seek Me, you will find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." What an amazing promise. And it's true.
His timing is NOT our timing, but it is perfect none-the-less.
Finding my Joy in Him this week, how about you?
Learning how to be gentle and humble and that it is NOT all about me (sheesh...ya think I'd have learned that by now!)
Growing in patience and love and yearning to be more like Jesus.
Praying that God will continue to work, to shift and refine my heart.

September 16, 2009

Because Sometimes....

...friends just know This and a hug showed up at my door today.
And for that, I am thankful.

Passing the Morning

By 8:30am yesterday, the kids were driving eachother nuts. I had probably separated at least 10 fights (2 of them had only been in the house for 30 mins, and breakfast took up 15 of those minutes!....)

Seeing as it was shaping up to be a VERY loooooooooooong day, I decided that I was going to pull out the paints. And boy oh boy, did they EVER have fun!!

It also passed close to 2 hours of the day!

Yes, I even let the *babies* in on it too!
(no pictures of L cuz she was more interested in trying to paint the camera!

September 15, 2009

As in can't stop and breathe.
Love that God knows my heart.
Loving the 5 kids that grace my home 5 days a week.
Reading a book: Everyday Talk
It's *good*, convicting, but really really good.
It's about talking to your kids about God everyday, in the little things.
Like how we respond when we're cut off by another driver, or waiting (and waiting) in line at a store, or you know, when we drop a jar and watch it shatter at the end of a long day. Or as we talk to the other adults in the room, assuming little ears aren't listening.
What do THOSE words tell our kids about God? And what SHOULD they.
Started a study last night.
*Love and Respect*
It's gonna be good.
Could feel God pulling back the layers (yikes!). Not always pleasant, but the end result will be worth the struggles and wrestling and soul searching.
I'm super excited about it. And a little nervous and unsure about stepping out of the comfort zone.
It's what happens in the midst of the everyday.
Like the potato stencil paintings the kids and I made this morning (surrounded by the dirty dishes and nasty kitchen floor and...well you get the idea!)
It's about being taken out of the comfort zone and *knowing* that He who brought you there will NOT leave you to flounder and fall, but WILL guide you through.
You wont be the same on the other side, but you know what, I wouldn't want to be.

September 13, 2009

Because Time Flies...

How is it that this past week came and went, and with it you turned five?

Wasn't it just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital

watching you take your first step and say your first word?



Boy of mine.

We love you so very very much!

Your obessions lately has been revolving around pirates,

And of course, pirate eat licorice and drink root beer
(or they do if you've read Matthew and the Midnight Pirates!)

You really really wanted mint eyes on your cupcakes and even mentioned the fact that you would consider having a Dora party if it meant I would make the Swiper cupcakes!

I convinced you that pirates could, infact, have mint eyes too! You had friends over and played... Well, you played like boys dressed as pirates would play :)

Happy 5th Birthday Anthony James!
We love you to the moon and back!!

September 09, 2009

Tea for Three

(you can dress us up but apparently, you can't take us out!)

Yes, this is what we spent the morning, while the babies were napping, doing. A tea party, complete with ginger peach tea, animal crackers, Dora treats and princess dresses (thankfully I still had a bridesmaid dress hanging in the back of my closet becuase seriously, what the girls wanted me to wear.....not an option!! I don't look good in a fairy costume that's about 10 sizes too small!)

Hope your day is filled with smiles and laughter!

September 08, 2009

Labour Day Monday

What better way to end a long weekend than by spending the day at a fair?
A future career in the making...you know, when he can reach the gas!

September 07, 2009

Sweet Blessings

God has been filling my life with blessing after blessing and I am in awe!A warm day in the midst of a week filled with routine, a chance to breathe and relax at the edge of His creation.
This weekend has been wonderful.
There has been time with just our little family, but there has also been time with friends.
(Click on the pic to see larger)
We have some very very tired kids right now, one of whom is SO over-tired he just can't settle.

But they are happy kids,

kids that have been sun-kissed

and have had sand in places that sand doesn't really belong.

They are kids who have seen horses and cows,

who have played in water and watched a reptile show.

They are also kids who thrive on the adventures that each new day brings.
May your week abound with Joy and Blessings!

Friday Fire with Friends

What better way to spend a Friday of a long weekend then with pizza, friends, a campfire and s'mores?

It was a wonderful start to a weekend that has been filled with joy and business!