"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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September 15, 2009

As in can't stop and breathe.
Love that God knows my heart.
Loving the 5 kids that grace my home 5 days a week.
Reading a book: Everyday Talk
It's *good*, convicting, but really really good.
It's about talking to your kids about God everyday, in the little things.
Like how we respond when we're cut off by another driver, or waiting (and waiting) in line at a store, or you know, when we drop a jar and watch it shatter at the end of a long day. Or as we talk to the other adults in the room, assuming little ears aren't listening.
What do THOSE words tell our kids about God? And what SHOULD they.
Started a study last night.
*Love and Respect*
It's gonna be good.
Could feel God pulling back the layers (yikes!). Not always pleasant, but the end result will be worth the struggles and wrestling and soul searching.
I'm super excited about it. And a little nervous and unsure about stepping out of the comfort zone.
It's what happens in the midst of the everyday.
Like the potato stencil paintings the kids and I made this morning (surrounded by the dirty dishes and nasty kitchen floor and...well you get the idea!)
It's about being taken out of the comfort zone and *knowing* that He who brought you there will NOT leave you to flounder and fall, but WILL guide you through.
You wont be the same on the other side, but you know what, I wouldn't want to be.


Lindsay said...

Praying we're neighbors in Heaven ... because I know that God is doing mighty things in both of us! :)

Love and Respect is a GREAT class - enjoy what God does because of it :)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I also really loved "love and respect"!! It helped me in my understanding of my husband so much.

The book you are reading now sounds amazing. I felt convicted just reading your brief summary.

Great post!