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September 02, 2009

First Day of S.K

The beauty of a sunrise, the peacefulness of the morning, shattered by the sound of kids waiting for the school bus!

All ready for the first day of S.K
The bus taking my oldest away from home.
I didn't realize how hard letting Anthony go this year was going to be. He got on the bus and I almost started to cry!
I miss him.
My sweet boy, capable of sending me over the edge and pushing every button I have.
I miss the noise and the chaos he leaves behind in his wake.
He's growing up and I need to let him, but it's hard letting him go.
It didn't help that I didn't know his teacher's name or any of the important *stuff*!


Catherine said...

I just went on facebook to message you about his day when I thought I should check the blog! I can't believe he is in SK, didn't I just rush to the hospital to meet him? I still remember you mom coming out to tell us it was a boy! I know I have this a million times but it is a few days a week right? Not every day. Hope he had a good day and had fun.

Lindsay said...

Hoping he had the BEST day!! Great photos for a GREAT day!!

Blessings ~ enjoy the end of the week!!

Holly said...

I hope he had a good first day of school! We don't have yellow school buses like that here in NZ, sadly, since I think they are so cute!