"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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December 29, 2011

Growing Up

She's been asking (and asking and asking) to be able to pierce her ears. So her 'big' present from Troy and I was a gift certificate to Claire's to go and get them pierced.

Waiting for the lady to be ready.
 Getting the second ear done.
 YAY!! She was so very happy.

Enjoying a Strawberries and Creme smoothie from Starbucks on the way home
(I love that the families of kids I babysit know me so well...yay for gift cards!)

Snapshots of Christmas

aka...our Christmas vacation in pictures

 Owen's Pre-school Party

 Christmas Morning

 Christmas Dinner With Troy's Family
(even those from Scotland!!)

 Random Pictures...Tree Cutting, Pre-school Party, Gingerbread decorating

 This little boy really does hold my heart...in fact, they all do

I love Christmas. This year it didn't go as I planned, there was attitude and frustration and disappointment and missing of family. (Oh....and the kids were a little cranky too!)
But all in all, it was good.
I love that despite the way things worked out, that God taught me a lot through it....then again, maybe, just maybe that is why things worked out the way the did.
Because if it had gone as I had planned would I truly have leaned on Him and relied on His strength for my every need?
Another week and a bit of vacation here. Yesterday we took the kids to see the newest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie ("Chipwrecked"), it was really cute and fairly well done. Anthony is REALLY excited to go see the TinTin movie. He loves the books and desperately wants to see the moive, so that is on the agenda for next week. Troy and I are hoping to get a date in there at some point....probbaly New Year's Eve as we already have a babysitter so we will do something in the afternoon and then head over to a friend's house to play games till I turn into a pumpkin (which will more than likely be prior to midnight but I will stay!)
Today it is snowing. A soft, wet, perfect for snowman and snowball snow. In fact, it has been snowing for 24 hours and I love how the world is transformed by it. The kids are playing Operation and Kerplunk and I am procrastinating from cleaning and organizing their craft cupboard...but I will need to get to it before lunch as all the stuff is spread across the kitchen table!
Tomorrow we are probably headed to Upsula to icefish with Uncle Mikey. The kids are excited and I am looking forward to taking my camera and capturing moments while the kids sled and fish and play in the snow.