"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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December 02, 2011

Ramblings of a Tired Mommy

Sometimes I forget how crazy busy life can get in our house when Mommy is feeling normal.

As in, I do not think that I have felt like this in a really really looooong time. These meds (yes plural) are doing wonders for the depression. It is the first time since I have started the meds that I have been on them for more then 8 weeks without hitting bottom again. I am so grateful to God for how He has been working through all of this.

It is never easy - but I can look back, from this point of encompassing joy and Gods prescense surrounding me like a bubble, - and see how He has been working in my life.

Chaning me, drawing me closer to Him and showing me areas in my life that have been in desperate need of change.

Namely the fact that it is NOT all about me (go figure eh)

This week Troy finally had a full week of supply teaching. The first in a long time and we are both super thankful for that. It meant that I had to half days all to my self. It was really really nice.  I do not even remember what I did on Monday but Wednesday was grreat.

I dropped Owen off at pre-school and went for a drive to the border to pick up business cards and labels for my photography business. On the drive there, God blessed me with a beautfiul morning.

The sun was slowly getting higher in the sky, turning the mist rising off the fields of snow a golden hue. There was smoke hovering low over the road and the car would, on occassion, fill with the smell of the fires warming the farm houses I was driving past.

It was a moment from God, reminding me that He is always with me and that there is no where I can go where He is not there, protecting, watching, drawing me even closer. I could feel Him filling the car, sitting with me as I drove and just letting me bask in His perfect peace.

Somedays, I need that. The tangible reminder that God is all I need.

This weekend we are going to cut down our Christmas tree and get it set up, I have a photo shoot tomorrow so I am hoping that it is not -22C again! Not that I can complain. This fall has been amazing in terms of temperature. We could use more rain or snow, but the mild temperatures have been wonderful. The kids have been out almost every day after school playing in the snow. It is great to see them so excited about it.

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