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December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am SO thankful that Anthony is better (and the rest of us have not yet *caught* whatever it was that he had two days ago), and has been better for close to two days. Whatever it was that was making him sick is no longer and I am thankful.

The only word I can possibly think to describe how our day was is Joy-filled. It truly was. The love and warmth and happiness and thankfulness that has filled our house since (early) this morning is lingering on well into the evening and I am overjoyed by that.

Some snapshots of our day:

Anthony (at 6:08am) "It's morning.....YIPPEE!!!!!!!" he then proceeded to come bounding up the stairs and flying into bed with Troy, Owen and I.

Snuggling with my boys while we let Alexandra sleep for 20 more mintues.

Sharing the Christmas story and talking to God.

Loud shouts of "WOW!!! HOW DID THEY KNOW?!?!? THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED" (even when it was something that wasn't expected/asked for) EVERYTHING received such a thankful shout.

Pausing to play with toys

Visiting with grandparents and sharing a leisurly breafast.

Sledding and pizza for dinner with wonderful friends, completed with Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas and popcorn and cookies.

Today has been full... full of so much and I am full again too.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a GREAT day - full of WONDERFUL things!! May the JOY continue to spread :)

AK said...

Hey I am finally leaving a comment! :)

Glad you had fun. We had fun too, but unfourtunately my little girl got a fever Christmas eve and although there hasn't been any throw up yet, a mild fever and lots of congestion and coughing and lying on mommy (trying not to lie on the bump LOL). I hope your kids stay well...despite all of this we did have some fun and she perked up a fair bit for the present time.