"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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December 01, 2008

The boxes are being dusted off, the music is being played and my house is going to be decorated for Christmas. The kids are excited, the dove is hanging on the advent tree and there will soon be hot chocolate simmering in cups, topped with marshmellows and maybe even some chocolate syrup.
My heart is joyful and I am being reminded daily why this is my favourite time of year. . . the laughter and sparkle in the kids eyes as they pull yet another 'treasure' out of the box of Christmas stuff, the joy as we stop to read 'just one more story momma, pleeeeeeeeease?'
Enjoy your Monday friends, I am off to decorate with my munchkins.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Enjoy the SEASON!!

Blessings to you as you continue to be the mama He created you to be!