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November 29, 2008

One way to Give Mom a Heart Attack....

...SO, today I decided taht Anthony and I needed to get out of the house and just *be* together. We don't very often get the chance to do things just the two of us and I can always tell it has been too long when we butt heads on EVERYTHING and where everything he does just drives me up the wall (for no reason).

I took him to the pool and we spent close to 1h 45mins just playing and having fun and doing whatever it was that Anthony wanted to do.

What did he want to do? Well, first he wanted to jump from the diving board, no problem, he doesn't need a lifejacket cuz I know where he is going to land and can stop him from going too deep. Then he wanted to do cannonballs into the deep end with no lifejacket, again, no problem cuz he straightens out when he hits the water and can get himself to the surface because he isn't too deep. THEN, he decided that he was going to touch the bottom (he didn't tell me this prior to jumping in) oh, it's also deep (like 12 feet or deeper), so he does a pencil jump into the deepend! I nearly died. Luckily he thought it was great fun and was somehow kicking his legs to get to the surface as I was diving down to get him! I told him if he wanted to try to touch the bottom that we needed to go to a part of the pool that mommy could touch in. And we did and he never needed any help after that. He would jump in, touch the bottom, come up and turn to his back to catch his breath and then kick to the side. My little fish! I was SOOOOO proud of him (yes, even when he jumped straight down into the deepend!).

It was such a good afternoon spent with my oldest. I miss that time, and I know that he thrives on it. Lately it seems like he keeps getting pushed to the side because he is older and can do more on his own and he isn't quite as needy as his brother and sister. I know that's not fair to him and I am trying to make an effort to spend at least one day a week for 1 to 2 hours of just me and Anthony. He loves it and I love it and things just run so much smoother for the two of us when we get to have fun together.

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