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November 09, 2008

A Busy, Blessed Weekend

What a crazy, yet somehow, relaxing weekend. Aren't those the best kind? We were all so busy but there wasn't really any stress or worry or a sense of 'this HAS to get done'. Despite the fact that there was a lot this weekend that did, in fact, HAVE to get done *grin*.
Friday the kids and I spent all day cooking and decorating and making cards/arctic birds(it's an Anthony phase) because we were having a surprise party for Troy. Seeing as he turns 33 tomorrow (Nov 10). I figured I would suprise him by having a few close families over for some homemade pizza and cupcakes. Anthony choose wonderful pink, purple, yellow, red, green streamers to put up and helped by sticking the smarties onto the tops of the iced cupcakes (3 guesses why he volunteered for that job...and I'm SURE it had NOTHING to do with the fact that he just 'happened' to get icing on his fingers after evey smartie was so carefully (read shoved) onto the top, I LOVE that boy!) I figured Troy works hard during the week and has spent every weekend since Thanksgiving out hunting so he needed a little break from the reality of life to celebrate his birthday with friends. And then he went to set up tables at a community centre for me so the Mother's Market I organize for our MOPS group could happen on the Saturday! Isn't he GREAT!!! I mean seriously, he goes to set up tables FOR ME on the night of his surprise party....I'm so blessed :)
Saturday was the Mother's Market, and it went well. It was a busy day and I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got home from it but it was well worth the effort that was needed. Our MOPS group made some money and we are hoping that we will be able to send two of us to the next MOPS Convention. Which would be very neat.
Troy even ended up not staying out at his sisters place, so the kids and I got to hang out with him in the afternoon so we took a nice leisurely walk through our mall. The kids were so well behaved and full of life. It was such a blessing to just hang out as a family and not have an agenda that needed to be accomplished while we were out.
Despite the fact that Sunday is often considered a day of rest, well, rest was the last thing on my mind. Between church and taking BPA filled baby bottles in to be exchanged and going out to my sister-in-laws to pick Troy up from hunting there was no rest. But, that being said, my soul is most definately 'at rest' today.
I had the sweetest moment as the kids and I were headed out to the country. Anthony and Alexandra were both singing in the van. Normally when this occurs, one of them stopps singing and starts yelling at the other to 'BE QUIET IT'S MY SONGS TURN!' Not today. Alexandra sang I will make you "fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men" (over and over and over and over, complete with actions) and Anthony sang "made up psalms mom, they are psalms cuz I'm singing them to Jesus".
I sat there driving and my heart was filled to overflowing with the Truth and goodness and grace that was flowing from the lips of my kids to their Creator and Saviour. It did my momma heart good to hear those innocent little kid voices lifting songs of praise to the Author of Life.
Hope that your week is filled with unpromted or planned songs of praise.
Good night my friends.

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Lindsay said...

OH my goodness!! This could about make me cry ... the singing in the car ... seriously! unprompted or planned songs of praise is right!

God is good!

** sounds like God is working in your family in GREAT ways!