"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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November 05, 2008


The topic in the videos series our ladies group is doing is on David. Last night's broad topic was 'Redeemed' with the more specific one being "crossroads". Kay Arthur was pointing out all the times in the story of David and Bethseba that David had a chance to choose God's way, rather than his way (the crossroad). The very first such crossroad that David came to was when it came time for him to take his troops into battle and he choose to stay, instead, at his palace.

It really made me stop and think, it seems, in the overall plan of life, that it was an insignificant choice, that it shouldn't have mattered, but that one choice lead to lust, adultry, deception and murder, surley NOT what David was planning when he choose to stay behind.

There a lot of crossroads that I come to everyday in my life, some of which seem very insignificant, (like how I respond when my daughter tells me she was feeding her younger brother playdough yesterday) but where is it going to lead me when I choose my way, rather than God's? Sin will take us down the path farther than we ever intended to go on it and once we start, it becomes easier to make the choice for OUR path, when we come to other crossroads.

So today, I am struggling with that, with choosing the road that God wants me to be on, not necessarily the easiest or the one I feel like taking or the one I 'think' I should take, but the one that God says I should be on.
I am so thankful though that, despite veering off, God still places crossroads in our life and lets us have a chance to get back on track (His track). What a mighty, gracefilled God. My heart sings to Him, for I know He is Good.

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Lindsay said...

Good Stuff here!! :)

and yes, God is GOOD... the hard part is the trusting and believing in the unknown and unseen... but ultimately, we live a blessed life when we follow him!