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November 24, 2008

Expectations and Paint

I'm not a big fan of expectaions. They tend to make an otherwise fairly laid back mommy into somewhat of a bear. This past week was rough on lots of different levels and a lot of it boils down to the fact that I had expectations that weren't met the way that I felt they should have been. Don't you just hate that?! I'm trying to learn that it's not my family that needs to be meeting those expectations, but God. We might have a lot of unmet expectations in this house before this mommy catches on....
I spent most of last week painting my bedroom for much of last week, just little bits and pieces now and then as I had time, but I really did want to get it done by Friday, I was tired of sleeping on the floor in the office and of having our bedroom *stuff* all over the top floor of the huose. So, I gave my kids popcorn and turned on a movie while Owen napped, EXPECTING them to eat said popcorn while sitting nicely and watching the movie......not really what happened. And looking back, it's hysterical that they decided to have a spitting contest with the unpoped kernals of corn, Friday well let's just say I was SO NOT IMPRESSED with the state of the t.v room when I went down to check on the shrill screams coming from that general area of the house(Anthony was eating popcorn out of Alexandra's bowl, and here I thought it was something important (like the t.v exploded or an axe waving crazy man had entered our house). But, I did finally manage to get the room finished and put back together so I could sleep in my wonderful bde come Friday night.
While I was painting, Alexandra felt the need to do the same.
Troy has been so busy lately that the kids have seen very very little of him and I notice that it is most definately starting to affect their behaviour. I attempted to take all 3 to the grocery store today and I have never in my life seen my kids act like they did today. I don't even know what happened or what started it or anything, and nothing I said seemed to make any difference to how they were behaving (seriously, if I had had a video camera...but I'm SURE the store clerks let out a loud and looooong cheer when I left the store, although if they had wanted me out faster, they could have offered to help me get everything out to the van as I'm sure I made a *lovely* picture pulling the cart (oh did I mention that there's a slight incline to get to the parking lot), while trying to make sure the 2 older ones don't get run over by car or cart and trying to balance Owen's carseat on my other arm (cuz the cart was too full to fit anything but groceries in it today). Again, it's funny now.....

But most of the Christmas shopping is done and wrapped (and Anthony and I got some much needed one on one time this evening as I took him shopping for a present for him to give to Owen, it was so much fun, I really do cherish and love that little boy, who isn't all that little any more) and I am sending out the last package that needs to go tomorrow or the next day. There are red and green paper chains hanging in my kitchen, kids are sleeping and life is filled with wonderful blessings (like little ones sleeping in until after 8am on Saturday morning for their tired momma!!)

Most exciting...Troy and I are ACTUALLY going on a date (I know, it's a good thing you were sitting down for that) on Friday with another couple to watch our university's hockey team play. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. It has been too long since we have been out as adults, together, without little ones. I am looking forward to it (but trying not to have any expectations for the night!)

Good night and may God shine His face upon you and bring you peace this week.


Lezlie said...

I thought your room was going to be grey? It looks blue on my screen but it very well may be grey :) I had the great idea of painting with the little Gomers today... we're making wrapping paper...whew!! It's blog-worthy :)

Yup, good to leave behind expectations and just have fun being Mummy. Sorry to hear about your misadventures in grocery shopping...

Katarina said...

Nope, it's blue. I decided I didn't wan grey after all. I was hoping it was going to be more of a blueish grey than it ended up being, but I am happy with it.