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December 06, 2008

My lovely kids and I just got back from baking and decorating sugar cookies at a friends house. Oh what fun!! The kids, although interested, where honestly, much MORE excited to be playing with their friend's toys and watching Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. So Sabrina and I sat a rolled and cut and baked and iced mostly alone. Which was fine by us. We got to talk and we didn't even really have to referee all that much (which can be unusal when our kids get together...just depends on their mood)

Tonight after dinner, the kiddies and I (well, maybe minus Owen, he might stay home with daddy cuz daddy has a cold and I don't want to take Owen) are going to the Parade of Lights. Basically, big Mac trucks decorate their trailers or flatbeds and cabs with christmas lights and drive around the city. How COOL is that if you're a 4 year old boy?????!!!!! I go cuz, well I have a 4 year old, but also cuz it's Christmasy and the lights are all twinkly and sparkly and it's such a 'small town' thing to do, even though I don't live in that small of a town. But I enjoy it. So we will be shoving/cramming 4 (maybe 5) kids (with carseats) into my van (we kinda look like a clown car when there are that many of us!) and then Sabrina and I will feed them sugar cookies, popcorn and hot chocolate while the parade is going and then hope they fall asleep when we bring them home at 9pm.....sound like fun??? That's what I thought too. I'm looking forward to it!

We got our tree last night and it is sitting in our living room waiting to thaw out some more so we can see which side is the fullest, and which side is well....lacking, and then turn the appropriate side out and decorate it tomorrow afternoon. I can smell the tree as I am sitting here typing this and it is making this mommy very very happy.

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