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June 30, 2008

What WAS he thinking????????

Here's a story from today (after Troy had gone to work) so the rest of you can get an idea of what my day has been like (and maybe feel for me a little!)
Anthony had a little accident, which is fine, no big deal. He's little and is allowed. The problem came when he decided that he wanted to take off his pants and underwear and sit on the bathroom floor. That would have been alright, not a big mess, I bet you're thinking 'what's the big deal?" WELL, he proceeded to drag his bum ACROSS the bathroom floor, from the toilet to the door (kind of like dogs do sometimes). I was NOT impressed!!!!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING???? I will never ever know. It's funny now (4 hours later!), but it was SO not funny at the time. Things just sort of spiraled from there........
Here's to hoping tommorrow is a better day :)
Night all.

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