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May 13, 2012


Sometimes I feel like too much. But its not, just different and good. Always good. The photography business is starting to pick up and I praise God for that. For giving me the gift of being able to look through the lens of a camera and see life, see moments, see art.

Friday night I was given the opportunity to take pictures of a band for their album cover. It.Was.Fun! They are a great group of guys. They are putting out their first album in September(ish) and have been working to get everything done. 
Awhile back I got to take some pictures of them in studio recording. That too was fun. Very different from anything I have ever done, but at the same time, not so different. 

Here's a picture of the band 'Ziklag Offramp' you should check out their Facebook page.... ;) I have tons more to sort through, but as of now they are last on the editing list and I am thankful that they are not in a huge rush for them.

Today I spent the afternoon decorating a cake for Owen's birthday party tomorrow. Yup, my baby will be 4 on Saturday.  The road is made out of marshmallow fondant. It was my first attempt at fondant of any sort and I am amazed at how EASY this was, and it even tastes good too! Go Here for the recipe I used.

Last night Alexandra had her year end dance concert. She was great, they all were, and had so much fun. All she talks about is when can she dance more? When will she be able to dance more than twice on stage, or at least for longer! I help backstage and truly enjoy it.

Tomorrow morning Owen is off to pre-school and I am headed back home to get everything ready for his party. I think we are going to play pin the hat on the fireman and then I will just let them play...pull out all his various trucks and trains and whatnot seeing as that IS the theme of his party this year....as it was last year but it's what he loves so why not?

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