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May 25, 2009

Soccer Star

Anthony had his first soccer game last Wednesday.

Anthony, William and their friend Zander are all on the same team.
So their sisters (who are born within 5 months of eachother) cheer them on.
What do you think...should we make them little green and white tutus and pompoms?

I love it when a picture comes out looking like it looked in my head.
(Troy says this should be a Tim Horton's commercial!)


Lindsay said...

LOVE the last one!! so GREAT!

** how did you get it to post so big??

Go Anthony go - enjoy every minute of your soccer season!

Catherine said...

He looks very grownup in the one. I refuse to believe that he is turning into a little man. Was soccer fun to watch? Did they all swarm the ball like bees?And I would LOVE to see tutus and pompoms on the girls. (and owen needs a sign for the stands!)

Catherine said...

I meant in the first one. I suposse writing "first" would have been helpful. I am blaming it on the months of less sleep.