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May 25, 2009

Gammondale Farm

Last week, Anthony's class got to go to Gammondale farm as a way to end their study on lifecycles. There were pony rides, duck eggs, chicks and a hayloft with tire swing. So much fun was had by all. It was a wonderful morning.
The kids even got to see a Killdeer sitting on her nest in the pumpkin patch. She would just sit there and if they got too close, she would sort of lean to the side and chirp really loudly while fluttering one wing. It was neat to see her protection instincts, generally it's not possible to get close enough to an animals nest (at least safely) to see that sort of thing. The kids were really good about staying away from it though.
Please excuse the blurred out faces, I don't where parents stand with pictures on the net.
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Sally's World said...

looks lie a lovely day!

Sally's World said...

sorry...LIKE a lovely day...can't type today!