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May 13, 2009

Birthdays... and Yard Work?!

I can't believe my baby boy is going to be one in less than a week, where has this year gone? He is growing and changing so much (but that is a post all to itself later in the week!)

This week has been *full* I have been planning a party, Troy and I have been working on the outside of our house, we have been putting in a path and filling in flower beds (I am so NOT a gardener) and just making it look nice.



I built that wall!!!

Although right now, the front of the house is a litle bit of a disaster...a wheelbarrow full of dirt and grass, piles of dirt and grass on the driveway,

white rocks in piles and in wagons..

you know, the usual 'we're in the middle of something we need nice weather for and it's been raining for two days' mess!!!

Anthony starts soccer tonight. He is on the Grasshoppers and Troy is the adult coach. They have the under 14s actually coaching the kids, but there has to be an adult on the field too. I am pretty excited that this is something that Troy can do with Anthony. Anthony's just excited that he gets to start soccer...here's hoping it's not POURING rain tonight!

Tomorrow is Alexandra's last day of playschool, they are going swimming and then having a picnic. She is SUPER excited as she is my little fish.

Last night, a friend was kind enough to come and put our kids to bed so Troy and I could go out (before we were too tired to want to!!). It was such a wonderful break and a chance to just *be* with my husband. We really didn't do much, wandered some stores looking for shoes (I need shoes) and then went and had a coffee (while, I had a caramel frappicino and I think I am now addicted......) came home and watched some tv. What a perfect way to spend the evening.

And apparently my kids were great!!

This week is far from over, but it was been wonderful in every way. This weekend coming is going to be packed FULL, with 3 parties (two of our friends have sons who are turning 3, a family one for Owen and a friend one for Owen), yard work and a hoilday Monday.

Life doesn't get much better than this.


Lindsay said...

your hard yard work looks GREAT ... and Owen ... a year? how can that be??

Hope you've had a GREAT week!

BlogBaby said...

Oh an night off is always nice no matter what you do, good for you guys! Sounds like a packed week for you, but at least it's filled with lots of fun and meaningful things!

BlogBaby's BabyMama