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July 10, 2008

Blessings and Grace

Today was wonderful. Today was filled with His grace in so many ways, it was very much needed and greatly appreciated (especially after a tough start to the week).
Troy has been busy, which I don't begrudge him for (at least not most of the time but maybe a little when I feel like there is nothing left for me to give my kids). Today was good. I got to spend some 'just mommy' time with Anthony, who is craving it desperately (the stubborn/willfull disobedience gives it away!). I took him to his swimming lessons but I got to leave both other kids at home. I made sure I told Anthony that I was SUPER HAPPY it was just the two of us and that I hope we can do it more often. (His smile lit his face!) and when we got home from swimming (because Owen had been with Troy, he didn't sleep) Owen promptly fell asleep and I was able to actually PLAY playdough and colouring with Anthony and Alexandra.
I think that's what I miss most about adding the 3rd (whom I love dearly and cannot imagine life without), is feeling like I have the time to just sit and play with the older ones (so they feel special and loved and like they are each the most important person in Mommy's world).
The older kids decided not to nap today (which usually pushes me over the edge) which didn't bother me, I packed up Owen in the stroller and we all went for a walk (or bike ride/push car ride) up to the garden centre to buy Tiny Tim tomatoe plants, seeing as it IS July and I have been promising Anthony (since March) that we can plant them and he can eat the tomatoes right of the plants :)
The best thing about today, bedtime was easy and all 3 were asleep BEFORE 9pm (which is a HUGE Blessing as they have all been up late lately!) So mommy is doing good and praising Him for reminding her that His Grace is enough EVERY day.

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Newman Family said...

yippee! Yeehaw! Halleluia! Have another good one today... gaming is ON tonight m friend. Bring your beans!