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July 14, 2008

As Promised

I promised at the end of my last post a story about Anthony (this one isn't as funny as Alexandra's however!)
We were driving around the other day and listening to Toby Mac's "Phenomenon" and (as Anthony calls it) 'The Brand New Man' songs. He asked a question about one of the lines in one of the songs (don't remember which right now as we listened to only those two songs the entire time we were in the car!...'play it again mommmy, and THEN the Brand New Man please!........thankfully they are one right after the other on the CD) sorry, rabbit trail. :)ANYWAY, he asked about a line and I was trying to explain how it meant that even once we die, we get to live forever with Jesus in Heaven if we trust Him and tell Him we are sorry for doing things wrong.
Anthony's response: "I don't want to go to heaven mommy (sniff sniff...he was getting really upset, to the point of tears) I'll have to leave behind my white blankie (not really a blankie anymore, will post a pic of it one day) and I LOVE my white blankie."
I tried to explain that Jesus is even BETTER than his white blankie but ended up just telling him that if God thought he needed his blankie when he got to heaven it would probably be there.
How do you convince a 4 year old that Jesus is SO SO SO much better than a blnakie?
It made me stop and think about what, in my life, I am clinging to like Anthony is his white blankie, and that there are times that I need someone ot remind ME that Jesus is better than__________ (whatever it happens to be at the particular point in time!)
So that's my Anthony story.

Troy got the stuff we need to finish fencing and gating in our yard today and HOPEFULLY he will get around to putting it up tomorrow or Wed. He is a little hesitant about doing it cuz he's never done anything like it before but I know he will do a good job once he starts. SO by the end of the week we should have a fenced in backyard!!!!! I am VERY excited about it.

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