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July 17, 2008

What a wonderful, lazy summer day today has been. I am enjoying the slightly cooler summer weather this year, as I am not a fan of super hot! Anthony and I went on a 'date this afternoon in our backyard. We swung on swings (while I pushed him until he reached the moon and a rocket had to come and rescue him and bring him back home to me!), played in the sand and I swung him around and dropped him in the pool a bunch of times (I ended up in it as well, but it was SO much fun!) I am super thankful that I got that time to spend just with him. He is my little boy who is growing up way to fast and I cherish the little moments I can find in the day to have fun with him. For he craves it. I am learning that it is o.k if the grass isn't mowed or there are dishes in the sink and the floor is right filthy. It's the time that I spend with my kids that is really going to matter in the long run, it's how their memories are made.
Disaster strikes....Anthony just locked his sister out of his room so I must go and referee :P

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