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November 20, 2010


Today my kids have been crazy.

And that is the polite way of saying it!

They are hyped up on something and I'm not really sure what.

Thankful for a friend who came over with her little girl this afternoon (bringing pizza, pop, chips, swedish berries and a couple movies). It meant that when my kids started running around with most of their stuffed toys shoved down their pants, that I was able to laugh at it. Because given the way the day HAD been going, I think I might just have lost it on them!

But it really was funny!

And now there is pizza in the oven, the kids are getting ready to watch Backyardigans or Veggie Tales and enjoy the dinner.

On a hunting note, Troy shot at a deer this morning. Grazed it, it wandered into the far reaches of the forest never to be seen again...... Here's hoping he has a bit better luck tonight! Although, this is the first time in 4 weeks (or has it been 6 by now?!) that there has been a deer to shoot at (that wasn't being chased by a dog!)

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