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September 16, 2008

A little of everything...

Took Owen to the pool for the first time today. Boy oh boy, he did NOT like the little boat I took for him. Thankfully Alexandra is good enough in her water wings that I could hold Owen while playing with her. She was happy to slide down the little slide the whole time we were there so it made watching her easy!! And both the little ones fell asleep on the way home in the srtoller. Which, was sort of good but now it is nap time and Alexandra is watching (whatelse) Dora becauase she slept for an hour earlier. That's fine though. She is happy and content looking at Anthony's bible and watching t.v and I am (whatelse) blogging :)

This morning started off awful. I don't even know what has wrong but everything was just rubbing me the wrong way (the fact that it took Anthony 45 minutes to eat the breakfast that HE picked out, the fact that Alexandra INSISTED on uppies the entire time I was trying to get everyone ready and out the door for the school bus) but, thankfully the 30min walk to the pool was wonderful and I managed to put everything back into perspective and have actually found my happy side again (I'm sure my family will be THIRILLED to hear that)

Tonight Troy is meeting with our pastor to talk about leading a Bible study (or Grace Group as they are called at our church) and I think it will be a really really good thing for him. I know he is nervous and a little scared because it takes him outside of his comfort zone but I have found that God often calls us outside of our comfort zones so that we can be challenged and forced to rely on Him in ways that we haven't in the past. I am excited to see where this leads and am praying that Troy will actually decide to lead (or co-ead with a friend) the group despite feeling nervous about it.

Thursday Troy and I actually get to go out on a date! We are leaving all three kids at home (with a dear friend of mine and I will pay her back by watching her kids one tnight) and enjoying a nice dinner out. So happy about that as it is very much needed seeing as the last time we were out without kids was 3 days before Owen was born (We went to see Prince Caspin)

Anyway, I will leave you with a few pictures of Owen at almost 4 months:Yes, his eyes really are that blue

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Lindsay said...

What fun pictures!! :) I love his smile!