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September 25, 2008

LOOOOOOONG Post w/no Pictures (sorry!)

What a day. Despite its business today was actually really good. I left the house at 8:30ish and didn't get home till almost 4pm! I took Alexandra swimming again and then hung out at a friends house as her house is slightly closer to our boys' school than mine and we were headed back there for 2:40ish to take part in the Terry Fox Walk. We walked to swimming so that meant walking home from school with Anthony (as we were there taking part in the walk). It was quite the feat and I am SURE that there were people driving by in cars that thought we were a homeless family (no disrespect meant, and a feel for people that have to take everything with them all the time). If I had been thinking clearly by the time we got home, I would have pulled out the camera and taken a picture but worlds will have to do!
so picture this:
1 mom, 1 (2 child) Chariot filled with: 3 umbrellas (it was supposed to rain but didn't), 1 pair of rubber boots, 2 raincoats, 2 child-sized backpacks, numerous jackets and blankets (it was COLD when we left this morning), a cell phone, wallet and movie, 3 plastic bags filled with; towels, swimsuits, dirty cloth diapers, and a pair of pants that had pee and juice all over them. The Chairot also held the two older kids (who were buried under the blankets, jackets and backpacks). Because the 2 big kids were in the stroller, Owen's infant carrier sling was attached to the outside and I was wearing him in a sling on me.
We really were quite the parade walking by. Oh yeah, did I mention that there is something wrong with one of the back tires!! Thankfully the custodian at Anthony's school had a pump and I managed to fill the tire and THANKFULLY it held the air until we got home (cuz that really would have been a sight, me pushing an empty stroller while trying to corall/herd childern!!)

We made it home and as I was getting Anthony a snack, I asked what he did at school and if he learned anything today.
His response: "Bakugan Battle Balls Momma! You do this and this and then they TRANSFORM!"
My response: "Say what?! How did you learn about that?"
Anthony: "G________ brought them today cuz he was the special person."
Me (cluing in): "Oh so it was show and tell"
The things they pick up on and that interest them!

Fall is here. I love the changing colours of the leaves and the crisp smell of the air. I love that I need a jacket (and hat and mitts) in the morning but by afternoon a t-shirt is just fine. I love the smell of people's wood stoves and the fact that this is a time of year where I tend to bake a lot (so I can warm up the house!). I love the fact that I get to watch sunrises in the morning because I am up before the sun. Anthony pointed out one today. I was finishing getting ready and he comes running into the bedroom saying "MOOOOOOMMMMM!!! You HAVE to come and see something. It is just SOOOOO cool. Come ON!" So I followed him to the window and there was one of the nicest sunrises I have seen in a while. The clouds were still greyish and the ball of red was breaking through creating a neat lighting effect. God is SO good. What a way to start the morning off. As my eldest and I were watching the sunirse for a few minutes I said; "Didn't God do good this morning?" and he said "He sure did Mom. It's pretty." Yes sweet boy, it definately was pretty and it helped to start my day off right.

Life is good and I am praising the Creator of seasons and sunrises tonight as I tuck little ones in and attempt to clean up the mess that has exploded in the front entry way (all that *stuff* that was in the stroller is now at the bottom of the stairs in my entry way!!)

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