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September 22, 2008


For the next few days, the airforce and something (coast gaurd maybe?) are doing training exercises in and around our city. Which is SUPER cool cuz my kids get to see the really neat helicopters and things UP CLOSE. I'm talking SUPER close, as in if I jumped, I probably could have touched it (well....maybe not THAT close but I could definately read the writing on it...even the small stuff and I am basically blind!). The helicopters and planes are really low flying over the next few days as they do drills and training exercises. It was really neat to watch.
I heard the helicopter before I saw it so I hollar to the kdis to come outside and see, turn around to see if they had listened, and there is Anthony standing outside in a t-shirt...(just a t-shirt)pointing at the helicopter (incase his sister couldn't see it) I'm sure my neighbours saw more than they bargined for had they been looking out the window. The 6-year old I babysit had come by and he and his friend thought it was the funniest thing that my son was standing their bottomless, I could hear them laughing as they scootered around the block!!! Boy am I glad to be a source of entertainment for the neightbourhood this evening :P


Lindsay said...

Laughing with you!! Enjoy the excitement of the days to come! :)

Blessings to you this week friend -

Catherine said...

Who needs bottoms when there is a helicopter around! At least he didn't chase it down the street!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

That is SO cool! - About the entertainment in the air, not in your yard. Although, that is worth a good laugh any way. :) Oh how much fun it must be in your home. :)