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September 04, 2008

First Day of School

I am back from taking Anthony to school today. Well, I didn't actually take him, he got on the bus (without any screaming fits today!!!) and didn't even want to turn around and wave so I could get a picture (so our picture is of his back! And I will post it once the film is finished!) His teacher seems nice enough, this is her first year teaching kindergarten although she has been at the school for 5 years. She was DEFINATELY nervous this morning, but that was understandable as there was a room full of parents as well as the kids she is going to be teaching.

Anthony listened to everything he was told and sat really well and followed the rules (at least this morning). His school has a balanced school day so there is a 'nutrition' break at 10:30 and then lunch at 12:45. The parents left after the 1st break. Anthony wasn't really sure he wanted me to go but he didn't fuss after he spent a few minutes cuddling. It's official, he is now a 'big boy'!!!!

It seems quiet in the house without him and Alexandra has already asked a number of times where he is! It will take her soem getting used to to be on her own Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Now we wait until 3:40ish for the bus to come and drop him off to see how the rest of his day went. There will only be 15 kids in his class so that is a good thing. His first 'offical' day isn't until Thursday Sept 10 as the other half of the class is going on Tuesday. So aftet today he will go again in a week (bearing cupcakes for his birthday!)

Hope your days is filled with contentment and smiles!


Catherine said...

Our screen door used to open on the top half leaving the bottom closed still and I used to stand hanging on to the edge waiting for Chris to come home from school! We have many pictures of it. most of them witha very pathetic face on. Don't you love the sibling love!

Lindsay said...

It sounds like a GREAT day... back of the head/bus pictures and all :)

Have a GREAT year Anthony!